I matched with a cute guy on Bumble – my mum did a background check on him & turns out he was hiding a big secret | The Sun

I matched with a cute guy on Bumble – my mum did a background check on him & turns out he was hiding a big secret | The Sun

February 12, 2023

A SINGLETON has revealed the big secret her Romeo had been hiding for all six weeks that they were dating.

Online dating is a bit like gambling – you can never quite know what you're getting yourself into – and this woman's experience serves as proof.

Like many, Christina G., believed to be from the US, has resorted to apps to find her significant other, and this time she decided to give Bumble a shot.

There, amongst hundreds of hopeful romantics, she stumbled upon a ''cute'' guy and the two immediately hit it off.

''Everything he plans is super fun – we go to top golf, we go to drinks – and we about on one date a week.

''It's usually in the beginning of the week, like Monday, Tuesday,'' she added in the now-viral video.

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And at first, everything appeared to be completely fine.

''We have a lot of the same interests, we have a lot of the same hobbies.

''But he always comes to my house and he never allows me to go to this house.''

However, that wasn't the only red flag – at some point, Christina, who's in her 20s, began noticing dog hair on his clothes – when he was claiming he didn't own a pet.

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Despite this, she made the decison to tell all about this mysterious bloke to her parents and that she really liked him.

''My mum in typical mum mode decides to run a background check on him.

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''I don't know what made her decide to do this.''

And perhaps it's a good thing she did because what Christina's mum found out was that the man wasn't single – he was married.

''She calls me with his wedding website in hand. So what did I do? I found his wife on Instagram.''

There, she slid into her Direct Messages and spilled the beans about having dated her hubby for the past six weeks.

''Overall, she was really understanding […]. In the conversation, we realised that there times when I couldn't account for him and she couldn't account for him.

''We figured out that he was dating like four other women.''

After confronting the cheater, the man explained that he was going to divorce his wife – but Christina ended things right there and then.

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