I make thousands organising homes, I’m obsessed with being organised, charge £1k per room & Rachel Stevens is a fan

I make thousands organising homes, I’m obsessed with being organised, charge £1k per room & Rachel Stevens is a fan

January 13, 2021

EVER wonder how people on Instagram get picture-perfect homes with everything neatly arranged?

They may have enlisted the services of someone like Charlotte Sitton, 33, who has turned her tidying obsession into a booming business – and even helped Rachel Stevens re-do her house.

The talented mum-of-two, from London, is the founder of OrganisedByCharlotte, and charges anything from £350 to £1,000 to transform a kitchen or bedroom.

Thanks to the likes of home organising shows The Home Edit, and Marie Kondo, Charlotte says the demand for decluttered houses is high. 

Speaking to Fabulous, Charlotte said: “The Home Edit did wonders as I think people became obsessed with organisation.

“Also in lockdown people have been looking around their home and thinking ‘I can’t live like that’. 

“We are taking the time to slow down and think ‘I don’t know how to store my clothes’. The little things have become more important now.”

Charlotte’s background was “very different” and she worked in charity and events before quitting to pursue her organising business full-time last year. 

She said: “I’ve always been obsessed with being neat and tidy and finding a place for everything. I blame it on being a Virgo. 

“I want to help people style up their homes, because with everything going on I thought people can’t necessarily afford to move, so they could spruce up their homes without having to spend a fortune. 

“I thought there was a gap in the market.”

Charlotte’s first project was helping out a friend, who mentioned to her in passing she was about to pay someone to organise her home. 

The creative mum volunteered to help so she could save her money, and did such a good job that her pal started recommending her to other friends. 

Just before lockdown kicked in last March, Charlotte had started taking on paid projects and got her business up and running.

She added: “I’m really lucky to have a friend who is an influencer who helped me with my Instagram. 

“Now this is my full-time gig, I’ve actually left my part-time job.”

Through word of mouth, Charlotte was even hired by former S Club 7 star Rachel Stevens to bring order to her kitchen. 

The home organiser said: “It was amazing, I’m so happy with that one. She wanted quite a short term fix as she is planning on doing it properly soon.

“I’ve done a few influencers that have helped me to really gain momentum on my page.”

Currently Charlotte is only covering London-based projects, as she also has to look after daughters Poppy-Rae, three, and Nola, one, but hopes to expand her reach once they grow older. 

She said she charges £350 to £550 for organising kitchens, but it can depend on the size of the room and the complexity of the job. 

She said: “I’m set to do a few bigger kitchens and larder spaces that can go from £700-£1,000. 

“I don’t charge by the hour, I charge by the job. I don’t want people watching the clock, I want to do the job to absolute perfection.”

I’ve always been obsessed with being neat and tidy and finding a place for everything. I blame it on being a Virgo.

While she does help bring order to people’s messy homes, she also assists those who are moving house and want to create a beautiful space from the start.

She added: “I’m also starting to help people with their kitchen designs as I know what will work for a space.”

Typically she has a virtual talk first and then gives a proposal on the cost. 

If they are happy to go ahead, she will then visit to do a consultation in person, although this has been on pause with lockdown. 


Think outside the box for storage if you don’t want to fork out.

  1. An old candle can be washed and used to store cotton buds or tweezers. You don’t have to spend any money at all on a jar.
  2. Shoes can be instantly ordered by simply placing them back to front. You can fit way more on your shelf and it just gives you a bit more space. 
  3. Jam jars can be used for nuts and chocolate and you get the jar look without paying anything.

Charlotte continued: “I’ve had kitchens take anything from a day to three days, depending on the size and what they want decanting. 

“I measure everything and it is all thought out so I know what will work.”

And no space is too small to transform for Charlotte, who said: “I did a one-bedroom flat and it looked amazing.

“It is all about using the space you’ve got.”

After each job, Charlotte posts striking before and after photos on her Instagram showing her neatly-labelled jars and containers, and says that now 80 per cent of her business comes from clients spotting her on social media. 

The tidying guru said of her job: “I love that every job is different, every space is different. I like to think of it as an adult version of Jenga. 

“My favourite thing is seeing my client’s faces and reactions. I thrive off that and it makes me so happy.

“My signature look is probably the jars. I’m putting everything into jars and labelling them.”

But is her own home in Mill Hill pristine at all times?

Charlotte said: “I love to keep my homes immaculate but I am realistic with the kids and toys.

“My house is very tidy but I have young kids so there are things out. 

“If you have the right system in place, you can put things away more easily.”

And husband Johnny Sitton, 33, who is the owner of My1stYears, knows he is a lucky man. 

She joked: “He knows he is lucky, I’ve had a big influence on him as he is one of the most untidy people in the world. 

“He does find it a little bit annoying at times, but he likes it being tidy, so that is a Catch 22.”

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