I have natural curves – people call me a ‘tigress’ when I show off my figure | The Sun

I have natural curves – people call me a ‘tigress’ when I show off my figure | The Sun

February 10, 2023

A VOLUPTUOUS woman is sending her followers nuts with her latest wardrobe choice.

One fan was so moved he felt compelled to describe her as a “Tigress.”

TikToker Laura Schepens' (@lauraschepens) followers are purring for more.

At the last count, she had over 331,000 followers and another three million likes, all lapping up for more.

The digital creator describes herself on her various platforms as a, “Curvy, chubby girl.”

She says: “It’s normal to not have the perfect body, I know.

“But there is a difference between knowing and accepting," she asserts.

There is not a smidgen of self-doubt for curvaceous Laura in her video.

She poses in front of a mirror wearing a tight, white, figure-hugging dress, relishing her curvy shape and giving viewers a 180-degree peek.

Laura oozes self-confidence and body positivity and her fans love what they see.

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One fan was rendered almost speechless, but managed to splutter: “Omg.”

Another loved her wardrobe choice: “Pretty dress.”

“Tigress,” was the breathless response of one fan.

Another said: “Absolutely gorgeous.”

Finally, Laura epitomised perfection for this follower: “That’s a woman.”

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