I have big boobs & could never wear strapless tops because they would sag, but I found a cheap hack to fix that | The Sun

I have big boobs & could never wear strapless tops because they would sag, but I found a cheap hack to fix that | The Sun

November 25, 2022

MOST big-breasted women have long given up hope of comfortably wearing a strapless top or dress.

But one busty TikToker insists that she's found the perfect inexpensive product on Amazon that will keep your chest supported no matter the sleeve situation or neckline.

Kristen Marie, a Los Angeles-based beauty influencer, raved about the life-changing fashion find on TikTok.

"If you have a bigger bust, stop limiting yourself from wearing this one-shoulder top, this off-the-shoulder top, [and] also this strapless top," she said, showing off each of the styles.

Though Kristen appears to have a great and supportive strapless bra, she found something that offers just a bit more support.

And it can be added to any outfit.

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"Spice up your look with these rhinestone bra straps," she said.

Kristen held up a clear rhinestone strap by the brand Syhood, which she hooked onto the front of her bra.

She wound it around the back of her neck like a halter, securing the other hook on the opposite side.

"Do you see how I turn his basic strapless top into a more upscale top using these rhinestone straps?" she asked.

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She also has a black rhinestone strap, which she used on one side of her bra while wearing a one-sleeve top.

"These rhinestone straps are very versatile," she said, adding that they're "perfect for any size bust."

"You can also use them on dresses," she noted.

Because of the rhinestones, the straps look less like actual bra straps worn out of place and more like glitzy additions to her outfit.

Syhood sells them on Amazon for $9.99 to $15.99 for sets of two.

They come in several colors, including red, blue, pink, and rainbow, and there are also versions with hearts.

Commenters have been thrilled by the discovery, with one calling Kristen a "life saver" and another writing that she hadn't even finished watching the whole video before rushing to Amazon to buy the straps.

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