I have big boobs and love fashion but was sick of never finding clothes that fit so created my own fashion brand | The Sun

I have big boobs and love fashion but was sick of never finding clothes that fit so created my own fashion brand | The Sun

August 1, 2022

FASHIONISTA Dolapo Ososanya says she was sick of never finding clothes that fit, so instead she decided to create her own clothing range for fuller-busted women.

In 2018, after a summer of struggling to find wedding guest outfits that fit and looked appropriate for the occasion, Dolapo created clothing brand Taideux, which caters to fuller-busted women.

Speaking to Fabulous, Dolapo says: “One dress I remember, I had to take to the tailor. On the model it looked appropriate, it had a V-neck, and looked good but when I wore it, it just looked inappropriate for a wedding.”

She realised her two choices were to either get the dress altered or wear a camisole top underneath, which she says would have ruined the look.

This was the lightbulb moment for Dolapo, who says she just stood there thinking, “I can’t keep doing this, I’m spending money on an outfit I want to be able to wear it without going to the tailor.”

After deciding that something had to change, Dolapo reached out to other bigger boobed women, and found that she wasn’t alone in this struggle.


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And when looking at brands that did cater to bigger busts, Dolapo says that many of them had a more mature style – while she wanted clothes that would be “sexy and make you feel good.”

But creating Taideux wasn’t without its problems, “I had no idea what I was doing because I had never worked in fashion before” says Dolapo, “I never even wanted to own a fashion brand before, this was purely out of necessity and just having these issues.”

Facing some setbacks while setting up Taideux, she says: “I’ve had manufacturers who have scammed me, and I’ve lost some money.”

Being self-funded as well, Dolapo says can be difficult, especially when it comes to making sacrifices in her personal life, although she says that is “very fulfilling and rewarding.”

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She adds: “I  don’t have any employees, I don't have a team. I still pack all the orders in my bedroom by myself so outside people might think ‘oh this is some established business’ but it isn't. It's just me doing everything and I work full-time so that’s quite difficult for me.”

But Dolapo says that seeing other fuller-busted women’s reactions to her brand makes it all worth it: “The best moment for me has just been seeing my dream become a reality and seeing women’s reactions.

“I get so many messages just saying like ‘oh this is a perfect fit’ or that they no longer feel the need to get a reduction and feel more confidence in their body.

“It makes me so happy cause that is what I wanted, it just warms my heart that women wear things that I create and feel their best and I feel like I'm achieving my goal.”

Hoping to improve women’s self-confidence with her clothes, Dolapo explains how negatively women can be impacted when they’re regularly struggling to find clothes that fit them: 

“It’s actually a very negative experience when shopping, first of all you have to buy lots of different sizes and then even after doing that nothing fits and you just feel like there’s something wrong with you.

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“I just want fuller busted women to know that there’s nothing wrong with you, it's the fashion industry that completely ignores you and that’s their fault not yours.”

Dolapo also wants her clothes to be advertised by women who look like those who will be buying the products:

“I also wanted to provide representation in terms of models. I want fuller busted women to come to my Instagram and my website and see models there and be like, ‘this is okay, this is normal and I can look great and feel confident.”

For those fuller busted women feeling insecure about the way they look, Dolapo recommends looking out for brands like Taideux that cater to your body type.

She adds that clothes from this smaller independent brand tend to create clothes that will last you a long time.

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She also suggests following fashion influencers who have similar bodies to yourself as their tips will be relevant to you, and can help you feel more at home in your body.

You can check out Taideux’s range of clothes here.

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