I have 34E boobs & people always told me to cover up – but I won’t be ashamed of my body anymore | The Sun

I have 34E boobs & people always told me to cover up – but I won’t be ashamed of my body anymore | The Sun

August 3, 2022

GROWING up with big boobs can subject you to unnecessary criticism, objectification, and sexualization.

TikToker Gabrielle Marcellus is attempting to change the stigma surrounding women with larger chests by encouraging women to stop feeling ashamed.

Every curve, every element, and every feature of a woman's body is representative of their natural self.

Yet women are often made to feel embarrassed, out of place, or fearful of expressing confidence in their bodies.

Body activist and TikTok creator Gabrielle has had enough.

In her recent video, she opens up about what it has been like to have big boobs and how her feelings have shifted.


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Growing up, Gabrielle felt forced to cover her body.

She got her first bra at nine years old, so from a young age, she already had a bigger chest than most girls.

"Girls always thought I was stuffing my bra," she says.

"I had to be really careful about the things that I wore…I grew up in a really Christian, conservative household too, so I wasn't allowed to wear purses that went across my body because it would accentuate me having boobs," she adds.

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Gabrielle was constantly conscious of certain clothing items she could or could not wear.

At school, this was especially difficult as she not only had to worry about what other people were saying or thinking, but she could also get in trouble with the administration.

"I was always taught to be really ashamed of my boobs, and people all the time would tell me I had to cover up," she says.

Girls with smaller chests were allowed to wear v-neck shirts to school, but she was not.

Gabrielle expresses how she is sick of following these rules surrounding her body and how she should feel about it.

On TikTok, she has focused her content on giving fashion advice to bigger-chested women.

Gabrielle has been working to show off her own body more proudly and confidently.

But this has proven to be difficult for her.

"I feel like it's so hard to show your boobs off without people thinking you're not respecting yourself. Why should I be ashamed of my body just because other people perceive it in a sexual and objectifying way," she says.

However, when she stops to think about recent responses people have given her, some of their reactions are different from the negative thoughts in her head.

"I've always been so ashamed of them, and then every time I show them off, I get told how beautiful I am," Gabrielle admits.

Viewers proved that Gabrielle is not alone in how she has felt and continues to feel.

One woman commented: "Girl thank you so much because I struggle with this so much and I’m discovering to love them and love me."

"Literally!! I’m so tired of the reactions when I wear a bathing suit and everyone realizes what I was hiding under my hoodies all of high school," another wrote.

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