I hate my miserable neighbours – I can’t believe the complaint they made about my children | The Sun

I hate my miserable neighbours – I can’t believe the complaint they made about my children | The Sun

August 24, 2022

A WOMAN has told of her frustration after her "miserable neighbour" constantly complains about her two young children playing in the garden – despite it never being any later than 7pm.

The anonymous woman took to Mumsnet where she offloaded her anger and penned: "We have the most miserable neighbours who moan about anything and everything.

"Today we’ve had a knock on the door to say our children are to loud in the garden and 'is there something wrong with them?' – I’m outraged."

She went onto say how she was so infuriated, she ended up shutting the door in their face.

"I make sure my children are in by 7pm and do not allow them to scream or shout in anger when playing outside otherwise I bring them on," the woman insisted.

"They are 5 and 1 and I cannot believe they had the audacity to say it! Yes they are loud, but it’s laughing and playing."


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She went on to confirm how they're not the sort of family who spend all day and night smoking, drinking and blaring music until the early hours.

Instead, she says: "From 7pm you don’t hear a peep from us in the garden.

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"They’ve made me feel incredibly awkward although I know we’ve done nothing wrong, what would they prefer my children say inside all day?

"The kids aren’t even in the garden all day every day as we are out and about most days so it’s literally maybe two hours max most days."

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The woman revealed that she's tempted to knock on the door and see what they say – but added she's aware there's no reasoning with people like that.

It wasn't long before social forum users took to the comments section – with very mixesd responses.

"Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? It's a GARDEN.. that's what gardens are FOR!" wrote one. "The miserable old g***. Let the kids play. Most old folk love listening to them."

A second commented: "Just ignore them. Do not respond. They are being ridiculous."

A third penned: "I think they are ridiculous to complain if it's just a couple of hours of the kids playing outside and not every day either.

I'm the first person to get annoyed by a lot of noise whatever it is but that's just being over the top nasty."

However, others took a rather different perspective on the matter.

"Not ridiculous at all," argued one. "If people have neighbours some noise is inevitable but 7pm is pretty late to be bringing in 5 and 1 yrs olds.

It sounds like the neighbours have had quiet neighbours previously so this new family would be disruptive."

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Another agreed: "The thing is when the parents (who are usually accustomed to the noise) say 'yes they are loud' it usually means they are excessively loud.

"The parents don't care because the kids are outside and not annoying them, but it doesn't mean they aren't annoying everyone else."

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