I had the rudest interaction which made me never want to go to the gym again – people are shocked at the 'audacity' | The Sun

I had the rudest interaction which made me never want to go to the gym again – people are shocked at the 'audacity' | The Sun

May 6, 2023

ONE woman's latest experience at the gym has left her rethinking her membership.

She had her workout interrupted more than three times.

Gym girl Kaela (@kaelalaws) is a Utah-based health and wellness lover who said she is “never going to a public gym again.”

In the video, she filmed herself sitting on a pulldown machine hoping to tone her arms.

Although she was wearing headphones to stay in the zone, a fellow gym-goer couldn’t resist interrupting Kaela’s routine.

The woman can be heard asking Kaela: “How many sets do you have left?”

After Kaela removed her headphones and asked her to repeat herself, the woman demanded in an annoyed tone: “How many sets do you have left?”

To this, Kaela told her she had two to go and the woman said, “OK.”

A minute later, however, she was back – and ready to give Kaela a piece of her mind.

“Excuse me,” the woman began.

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“I’m going to be honest. You’ve been on this machine for like forever now. I’ve been waiting.”

Shocked by the uncalled for comment, Kaela responded: “I only have like two sets left if you’re OK to wait?”

But the woman’s patience was wearing thin.

“It’s just really annoying because I pay for a membership here and I’ve been waiting like the whole time I’ve been here.

“Like I’m about to go to the front desk.”

After Kaela begged for two for minutes to finish up her workout, the woman said she had waited long enough.

“I don’t have a ton of time. I have kids at home. I need to hop on this machine and get it done, so can you please get off?”

Kaela, however, wasn’t done yet: “Just give me like 30 more seconds. I promise. 30 more seconds and I’ll be done.”

After the woman finally walked away, Kaela looked at the camera in utter disbelief.

“Like gworl, what?” she captioned the clip.

Viewers had Kaela’s back.

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“I legitimately forget there’s people like this. The audacity is willddddd,” one person commented.

“’I got kids at home.’ Like that’s your fault or something,” added another.

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