I had my brows done two days before I’m a bridesmaid at mum’s wedding – the beautician ‘burned’ them & I need help now | The Sun

I had my brows done two days before I’m a bridesmaid at mum’s wedding – the beautician ‘burned’ them & I need help now | The Sun

June 24, 2022

SHE had just two days before being bridesmaid at her mum's wedding.

So Hannah Knowles decided to treat herself to some beauty treatments ahead of the big day, including getting her eyebrows done.

However, she was left fuming and asking for help on TikTok after the beautician "burned" her during the treatment.

"When a beautician burns your eyebrows off 2 days before your mum’s wedding," she wrote over a video of herself which showed bright red patches both above and below each brow.

"Any suggestions, 2 days until im bridesmaid LOL," she captioned the clip.

People were quick to offer their suggestions in the comments section of the video, with one writing: "Aloe Vera gel !!!

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"Put it in the fridge and keep applying it.

"Coming up to the wedding avoid putting makeup in the area."

"Hi lovely!" another commented.

"Beautician here – they aren't burns, they are skin tears this can happen if you are on acne meds/use products with retinol in or vitamin a.

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"They are rescurfing products so you shouldn’t have waxing whilst on them!

"Sun bed use can also cause tearing – if you had HD brows see if you can get hold of any SOS balm.

"I t will go in a few days – keep the area free from make-up if not apply savlon to the area it will help! Good luck."

The beautician added that Laura should speak to the salon where she had the treatment because the person doing it should have asked if "you're using/taking any medication that can cause this".

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"This happened to me the day before my birthday," someone else weighed in.

"I kept regularly rubbing ice over where it was burnt and I used Vaseline to help it heal!!"

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