I had a mummy-makeover four months after giving birth – the doc did a procedure I didn’t even ask for, it’s a nightmare | The Sun

I had a mummy-makeover four months after giving birth – the doc did a procedure I didn’t even ask for, it’s a nightmare | The Sun

May 6, 2023

A WOMAN has issued a stern warning after going in for a mummy makeover four months post partum – and being given a procedure she didn't even ask for.

Courtnay explained how she'd booked in for a tummy tuck but 24 hours before her surgery was scheduled, she received a call from the receptionist who said they'd reviewed her files and they were going to give her aggressive liposuction instead.

"I personally have been down this road for about four years going to different consultations before pulling the trigger," she says, in a video shared to TikTok.

"A huge mistake that I made was I pulled the trigger four months post-partum, so I was still living in that post-partum realm where I was still deflated."

She continues: "I had severe diastasis recti (which can cause a vertical bulge in your abdominal area) and very bad muscle separation which made my stomach protrude out even more.

"I was just mentally not healed yet."


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In a second video, Courtnay revealed the loose skin she was left with after receiving the surgery she hadn't even asked for.

"I've always had this extra skin always," she explains.

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"I literally had the elasticity of my skin tested – that's why it doesn't sit well with me that so late in the game, right before the surgery, they told me I didn't need a tummy tuck when it's been proven that I do, and that's the whole reason I signed up for this."

She goes on to note how the procedure didn't help with any of the insecurities she was hoping to fix, such as the muscle separation.

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"I wanted to regain my core mobility….now all of the unevenness I've got to pay to get fixed," she says.

"I did all the compression, I did all the lymphatic massages, and everything right but at the end of the day, if there's extra skin there it needs to be removed."

Courtnay continues: "I just wanted to share my experience, discoveries and journey with you in the hope that if somebody wants to go and have a mummy makeover, go do it, but please please do your research."

Alongside the video she penned: "Things are not as they 'seem' on social media.

"Plastic surgery is awesome but it is NOT a quick fix and can often lead to more issues.

"Please PLEASE do you research and advocate for what YOU want."

Courtnay adds that she's now due to have a breast lift and breast augmentation, along with a revision of her previous surgery.

The video has since gone viral, racking up over 103k views and several comments from social media users – with many admitting a similar thing had happened to them.

"Yeah they try to only give lipo but we often need a tummy tuck and muscle repair and have to research – they want us to keep coming back," wrote one.

A second penned: "Girl!! same thing the said to me. but I didn't do it because i also have muscle separation and that's only fixable with a tummy tuck.."

A third noted: "That's exactly what happened to me so now I have loose skin. I'm getting my tummy tuck."

Courtnay replied: "Doesn’t it make you so mad that they told you you never needed a tummy tuck?? I’m so mad at myself for not trusting my gut."

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Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: "I know that’s why I didn’t want lipo! I paid for a tummy tuck and they changed it on me."

Courtnay responded: "I know that’s why I didn’t want lipo! I paid for a tummy tuck and they changed it on me."

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