I got the best B&M haul including a £195 The White Company lamp dupe for just £20 – run, don’t walk there | The Sun

I got the best B&M haul including a £195 The White Company lamp dupe for just £20 – run, don’t walk there | The Sun

March 6, 2023

A HOME interiors fan has shared some bargain dupes she has found in B&M and fans are rushing to the store to get their hands on them. 

If you have heard the news that B&M are closing a store near you then you need to get down there to check out some of their latest dupes. 

Freya Farrington is a home interiors and fashion fan and she has shared her bargain haul in a TikTok video online.

Freya took a trip to B&M and shared some of the dupes she found for The White company, Anthropologie and Neptune.

The first dupe she found was a £2.50 dupe for coasters from Anthropologie.

Freya said: “Just bought these in B&M. £2.50 they are dupes for the Anthropologie coaster that they do for quite a lot more than just £2.50."

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She continued: “ So they are kind of like purply pinkies hinge to them.”

Anthropologie’s £14 slivered geode coasters are a little white and a little more square, but B&M coasters are selling for the bargain price of just £2.50. 

The golden plated edges are so chic and each coaster is shaped slightly different so they have a unique quality to them.

Now Neptune has some lovely pieces but can you really justify spending £30-£50 on an ornament that barely has a practical use?

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No matter Freya found some amazing dupes in B&M for the pricey Neptune Sunfield artichokes. 

Freya said: “Found some great dupes for the Neptune artichokes they do in B&M." 

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“You can get the little tea lights for £4 and then the larger ornaments for £8 and they do them in a kind of grey blue tone as well as the warmer beige.”

Instead of paying £38 for one of Neptune’s Sunfield artichoke tea holders, save some cash and grab B&M’s £4 version.

The larger artichoke shapes ornaments are £8 in B&M instead of a pricey £56 from Neptune. 

For her final bargain dupe, Freya found a dupe for the £195 White Company candle that won’t break your bank. 

“I have found another dupe from B&M. This is a dupe the lamp that The White Company do this one for only £20.” 

“I think The White Company lamps are around £100 [£195] mark, so mega saving there.”

Actually the Southwold table lamp is £195 so mega, mega savings with this dupe. 

 “And it is beautiful if you like that kind of concrete grey and white and then I think you will love this.

Freya’s video gained over 32,000 views and viewers are already running to B&M.

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One user said: “Ooo I saw the Neptune dupes and wondered about the inspo behind them.”

Another said: “Running for those lamps.”

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