I got my eyebrows tattooed but it was a big fail – I've had them removed FIVE times & they still look like botched slugs | The Sun

I got my eyebrows tattooed but it was a big fail – I've had them removed FIVE times & they still look like botched slugs | The Sun

November 18, 2022

EYEBROWS are an important part of your face – right?

One woman has revealed that she decided to get her eyebrows tattooed, to ensure that they always looked perfect, but was left very disappointed with the results. 

Known on TikTok as @pinotfairy, the blonde beauty fan explained that she took the plunge and got her eyebrows tattooed but is left with extreme regret and would never recommend the procedure to anyone.

She posted the clip to the video sharing platform with the caption ‘I will never recommend getting eyebrow tattoos. This is a hill I’ll die on #eyebrowtattooremoval #eyebrowtattoo #botched’.

The woman said: “When someone talks about eyebrow tattoos when I’ve had mine removed five times and can’t get rid of the botched slugs”. 

In the clip, the blonde beauty shows off her eyebrows after the tattoo process.

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She confirmed that she went to a very “reputable” place to get the treatment done. 

Initially, they were very dark, but extremely neatly done.

However, for a reason that has not been revealed, the beauty fan was not a fan of how they looked so decided to get them removed.

But after attempting to get them removed five times, the woman’s eyebrows were left looking very red and sore.

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The woman shared a variety of different images of how the eyebrows looked after the removal processes – whereby the skin around the eyebrows has been left extremely red and scabbed. 

After the beauty fail, the woman now wants to urge other people to think twice before having eyebrow tattooing done.

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In just 22 hours, the beauty fan’s video has clearly shocked many, and has quickly racked up a whopping 54.5k views.

It has 1,400 likes, 24 comments and 11 shares.

TikTok users were left open-mouthed at the poor woman’s eyebrows and expressed their sympathy for her in the comments. 

One person said: “I’m so sorry”. 

Another added: “Looks painful”. 

A third commented: “It’s a baby industry you can’t just show up at the salon and ask for brows you literally have to research your ass off to get the good services” to which the blonde beauty responded “ya I went somewhere reputable is the thing”. 

Someone else asked: “Omg who did them?” to which the beauty fan replied “I don’t even want to say bc her work is usually so good”. 

Meanwhile, many other women took to the comments to reveal that they too had their eyebrows tattooed and were not impressed with the results.

One woman revealed: “I'm currently walking around with monstrosities too, but have so little hair left I see no other option than lasering and getting new ones..” 

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A second explained: “Yeah I hate mine, they keep turning blue I won’t laser them off so 🤷🏻‍♀️and only one brow grows hair”. 

Whilst another user added: “I hate mine so much too”.

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