I got an Amazon returns pallet – I paid £500 for the 8ft tall pile & got over £4K worth of stuff including vacuum robot | The Sun

I got an Amazon returns pallet – I paid £500 for the 8ft tall pile & got over £4K worth of stuff including vacuum robot | The Sun

January 13, 2023

A SAVVY shopper has shared the results of her latest monster Amazon returns pallet and the amazing hidden gems inside. 

YouTuber family Roses 4 Adventure regularly shares videos of her unboxing her mystery parcels – and this could be one of their best yet as everything inside totalled over £4000.

The mum of the family filmed herself picking up the giant 8ft tall haul, which cost her £500, as she explained: “I got another monster pallet.

“It is packed full of Amazon return items so I’m going to unbox them and see what we found.

“I can see a couple of items up top that I’m pretty excited about.”

The woman – who then chooses to flip a lot of the items she receives – then unveiled each one one by one to their YouTube subscribers.

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She added: “It’s packed in here – I can never believe how much stuff is in a monster. 

“I couldn’t reach the top of the pallet when it was full.”

And she was totally right, as she began unwrapping everything in the pallet, and couldn’t believe her luck at what she saw – from kitchen gadgets to Christmas decorations that cost hundreds of dollars.

The woman excitedly said: “This is the reason I picked this pallet. I could see this from the outside of the pallet behind the plastic wrap.

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“It is a self-cleaning, robot vacuum and mop.”

Showing her favourite purchase to the camera, the lady then continued: “This is a $1000 robot vacuum.

“Even if I sell this at around half price, or sixty percent off, I’ve already made all the money back from my pallets so the rest of this stuff is all profit.”

Up next was a nifty mosquito and flying insect trap, which is on sale for a whopping $161.41 and a pet vacuum which came in at $120.

While the keen shopper was super excited once more when she opened up a Nespresso Vertuo, which usually retails for $200, and a $170 dollar car seat, and a $200 ice cream maker.

I think this monster might be my best one

And things continued on the same successful path as she went along.  

That’s because I also bagged a $250 backpack, a stylish $100 light, a $54 printer stand, a $37 mirror, a $100 laptop bag, a $100 dehumidifier, a $90 pre-used hoover.

Other items included eight different kinds of air filters – which she revealed she’d sell on Facebook Marketplace or eBay – a $61.85 frying pan, a $45.99 work tool, $15 hangers, and a $29.99 decorative wooden bowl.

Her impressive haul also featured two $26.99 roll up dish drying racks, a $120 coffee urn, a $89.99 steamer, a $50 bed rail, a $100 Mandalorian costume, and a $99 air purifier.

While her subscribers also saw her unopen a $18.95 yoga knee pad cushion, $40 face and body bars, a toilet seat cover, and a $60 Christmas Tree skirt, which she said she wanted to keep for herself.

Adding up all of these – plus the many other items – in the mystery box, the woman revealed it comes to over $4K in total, which understandably left a big smile on her face.

Wrapping up the video, she said: “I say this every time but I think this monster might be my best one.”

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