I got a 'thread lift' nose job and it was awful – I looked like a blonde Michael Jackson and a thread was hanging out | The Sun

I got a 'thread lift' nose job and it was awful – I looked like a blonde Michael Jackson and a thread was hanging out | The Sun

June 27, 2023

AN INFLUENCER has opened up about almost “losing” her nose after undergoing a risky cosmetic procedure.

Millie Taylforth went to a reputable clinic on the famous Harley Street to get what is known as a "lunchtime nose job". 

During a polydioxanone (PDO) thread lift, a string is pulled through the tip of the nose to lift and reshape it. 

PDO threads are typically used in surgery to sew up wounds but can be used for aesthetic purposes by binding to the collagen in your skin like velcro and healing in the desired place. 

“I almost lost my nose,” 22-year-old Millie revealed in a candid YouTube video. “It was really, really, really horrible this surgery.”

A single entry-point was made on the tip of Millie’s knows where the thread was pulled through and out again through the tip of her nose – a pain she described as near unbearable.

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“I was feeling everything,” she recalled. “The numbing injection did nothing.”

When posting on social media after the treatment, Millie was told she looked like a “blonde Michael Jackson.”

She quickly realised that her nose wasn’t healing and the thread – which the practitioner was supposed to cut too short enough for the skin to grow over – was poking out of the end. 

“Everytime I felt my nose, it felt like there was something sticking out of it a little bit,” she said. “I left it for a few days thinking it’s just part of the healing process, I wasn’t sure.

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“And then like three weeks later, it’s just getting worse. There is no sign of improvement at all and it’s so painful, so inflamed.

“My nose was rejecting this surgery massively.”

Millie, who lives in London, went back to the clinic to have the issue rectified but said the practitioner had “no care whatsoever” and treated her like a child.

When the thread “spot” started to look infected, she decided to squeeze the pin prick wound.

To her surprise, the white threads started “firing out” of her nose due to her body rejecting them. 

Millie has since vowed to never get similar treatments and posted the video on her YouTube account to warn others against them.

The incident happened in 2021 but Millie still has a scar on the tip of her nose and fears “it will never go away”.

As Millie had a fox-eye lift and cheek threads done in the same first session, she shelled out a whopping £2,100.

“My whole nose could have fallen off,” she said. “I’m so grateful my body just rejected it like that.

“What a waste of money though.”

Treatments with PDO threads have come under fire in recent years as a number of people suffered with botched jobs, including Geordie Shore star Chloe Ferry. 

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