I got a cute butterfly tattoo at 16 and thought I'd never regret it – but it MORPHED when I got pregnant

I got a cute butterfly tattoo at 16 and thought I'd never regret it – but it MORPHED when I got pregnant

March 30, 2022

A WOMAN who thought she wouldn't regret getting inked as a teenager has been left mortified after her tattoo morphed when she got pregnant.

The TikTokker, called Jessica, shared a before and after picture of a butterfly tattoo on her stomach that she got when she was just 16.

In the first snap, she can be seen posing in sunglasses, showing off the inking on her flat stomach as a teenager.

But the second part of the clip shows her now pregnant, which has caused the belly tatt to stretch.

A caption over the video reads: "Me at 16: 'I will never regret the placement of this tattoo. I will always be thin'.

The clip has been viewed more than 4.5million times, with many sharing their own ink disaster stories.

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One commented: "I have a butterfly AND tribal under my belly button. Two children later I have a pterodactyl."

Another said: "Omg. Same. I have a butterfly exactly on that spot. Two kids later and appendicitis surgery later…my butterfly is mangled lol."

A third added: "Been there. I have two big ones on each hip. First pregnancy was twins."

It comes after a TikTok user shared their massive body ink "fail" after their tattoo artist made a HUGE spelling mistake.

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