I found the ‘perfect’ dress to wear to my friend's wedding – people are outraged but I don’t see the issue | The Sun

I found the ‘perfect’ dress to wear to my friend's wedding – people are outraged but I don’t see the issue | The Sun

November 25, 2022

BEING a bride means you have the right to be the center of attention.

And one wedding guest has sparked outraged for threatening that at her friend's event, but says she doesn't see the issue with her "perfect" outfit.

On July 3rd, TikTok star and micro-influencer Abby Stevens posted an "OOTD" for a wedding she was attending.

Abby wore the one dress that no wedding guest ever should.

The video showed her wearing a long, off-the-shoulder, white gown.

Her caption read, "Wearing white to someone else's wedding."


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The caption gave little indication as to how she felt about her dress choice, but her comment did.

In the comments, she wrote, "Dress is from Extra Doll, perfect to wear to a wedding."

Viewers rushed to respond, some ridiculing her for her oblivion of wedding etiquette.

People commented things like, "You're done… you're done…." and "I pray that it's your wedding.. bc this is not okay! it's the brides day not yours!"

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Others noticed Abby's hashtag "#whitewedding" and thought that the bride may have requested that all her guests wear white.

According to The Knot, this isn't uncommon or forbidden for brides to do.

A white aesthetic could be the desired color scheme.

In Abby's later video, it was revealed that the wedding did have an all-white dress code in Cabo.

Instead of having a wedding party, all the guests appeared to be wearing at least one piece of white clothing.

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