I forked out £16k for a mummy makeover to fill in my curves… it was a fail, it's made my hip dips even more noticeable | The Sun

I forked out £16k for a mummy makeover to fill in my curves… it was a fail, it's made my hip dips even more noticeable | The Sun

June 9, 2023

A WOMAN was devastated after her £16k mummy makeover left her with extremely noticeable hip dips.

When mum-of-three Hannah Kuhnle, from Michigan, the US, signed up for the surgery, she thought she'd walk out with new curves – but the dream soon turned into a major fail.

Sharing the story on TikTok, Hannah said that her initial excitement became ''an instant regret'' and she was in total disbelief.

To prove just how much her body had changed, Hannah showed what her body looked like before the pricey £16k makeover.

But although now, after the surgery, her tummy appeared to be more toned, Hannah said her hip dips had become even more noticeable than they were before.

''Yeah, eight months later, we're going to stick with the regret,'' she said in her video.

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''I paid almost $20,000 for some hip dips, really hoping it's still swelling.''

According to Hannah, who guessed this was a result of liposuction, the surgeon had promised her ''nice, rounded hips''.

She insisted that she followed all the aftercare instructions and wore the wrap for as long as the expert has instructed her to.

The video has been viewed over 10k times and fellow beauty fanatics claimed that their makeover had also left them with hip dips.

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''Your the first video I see that somebody talks about this. I have the same,'' one social media user said.

Another wondered: ''Oh wow. Did you keep the wrap on long enough and continue to workout?

''You still look great tho.''

Although Sarah has not since posted any updates about the mummy transformation, she has embarked on a fitness journey.

''Instead of sitting on your butt scrolling on TikTok, you get on the dusty a** treadmill and scroll.

''Trying to change my habits a little bit at a time.''

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