I fell for a man after a first great date – but after a hospital dash, jail time & sudden death things became weird

I fell for a man after a first great date – but after a hospital dash, jail time & sudden death things became weird

February 16, 2022

AS the world is still trying to get over the infamous Tinder Swindler story on Netflix, people are now reflecting on their personal experiences with online dating.

Whilst some have met the love of their lives on apps like Hinge, Instagram and Twitter, others, like Sativa Monét, from Atlanta, have not been so lucky, being fed nothing but lies.

The story, according to her, got so weird, she had to share it on social media, where it's since taken off.

Sativa, 28, met the guy on Twitter last year and after an exchange of messages, the two seemed to hit it off.

''He was nice and I thought we had a lot in common,'' she wrote in the post, ''So I really started liking him relatively quickly.''


For a while, it was all going well – he flew out to meet her and they spent a weekend together; something they decided they will do again the following month.

But after picking the dates and booking her flight, Sativa received a text message from him saying his cousin had been killed.

''I never saw him post anything about his cousin’s death but not everything is for the internet, so I didn’t think much of it.

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''He said the funeral was going to be the same weekend I was supposed to be there so I cancelled my flight.

''No worries. We said we’d reschedule.''

Due to the circumstances, it was decided the time together would be postponed until June, the following month.

''Then all of a sudden,'' she wrote, ''He started talking to me about some legal issues he had been having.

''He gave me a story about how his license kept getting suspended in a certain county for some reason and he had a court date to fight it.

Two weeks before she was scheduled to fly out, the 28-year-old was sent another odd message.

This time, he claimed he had to pay a fine and spend a total of four days in jail the very same weekend she was supposed to come – because of this, he suggested she came a week earlier.

''Now I thought this was FISHY AS HELL.

''But I figured I would get to the bottom of everything in person when I got there.

''He said he would reimburse me for all the money I spent changing flights.

''So my dumbass agreed to come earlier,'' she told, urging people to listen to their gut.

However, things became even more odd a few days before Sativa's ''THIRD'' flight, when he ghosted her for 24 hours.

''We talked every single day so I was worried and confused.

''The day before I was supposed to fly out, I wake up to this text from his phone.''

The message, which she inserted alongside the post, read: ''Hey, I'm texting everyone that reached out.

''Juice went to the hospital earlier today due to his sugar spiking.

''He'll have his phone tomorrow.''

Because Sativa was aware of his medical condition, her initial reaction was worry.

''But THEN, I started using my f*****g brain. None of this s**t was adding up.

''He didn’t want me to come for whatever reason and this whole story was a lie.

''That was definitely him texting me pretending to be someone else,'' she told her followers, adding that she stopped responding to his messages.

''And then s**t got REAL weird.''

According to her, she was then sent another text, alongside an image of this ''mystery person'', as she called him.

But after a quick analysis, Sativa realised there were multiple indicators of the story not adding up.

She went on to break down the points: ''It was a live picture and he moved at the end.

''The picture was clearly taken in an ER. If he had been there for days, why didn’t they admit him?

''The board in the background has the wrong date on it.

''He sent it the day after it was taken, pretending it was current.''

She then ended the lengthy post: ''Not to mention, WHO TF WAS SUPPOSEDLY SENDING ME ALL THIS?

''Not once did I get a text from anywhere but his phone.

''And not once did they say “hey, this is OJ’s mom/cousin/friend/nurse/ANYTHING,” Sativa was beyond confused.

Since blowing up on Twitter, many have tuned in the story, and Sativa has promised to reveal what she found after doing some ''digging''.

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