I fell for a man 42 years older than me – I’m younger than his kids and one woman gagged when she saw us together

I fell for a man 42 years older than me – I’m younger than his kids and one woman gagged when she saw us together

June 5, 2021

A WOMAN is planning to tie the knot with a man 42 years her senior – despite being younger than his children and people confusing him for her dad.

Cassandra Kremer, 26, and Johnny Warpinski, 69, are planning their wedding and even thinking about having a child in the future. 

They spotted each other at an open mic night seven years ago but the father of two feared he was “too old” for the cafe waitress.

Cass on the other hand was smitten, joking around with colleagues that he was already her boyfriend and before he left, she candidly confessed: “I think I love you.”

For two months, Johnny avoided the venue, in Wisconsin, USA, and tried to suppress his feelings until he went for lunch with a friend and her mate.

The stranger, who was a psychic medium, told him he "must return" to the cafe but refused to explain why.

'Instantly fell in love!'

It was the venue where Cass worked and after their first few dates, the pair became inseparable.

Their families approved too – despite Johnny being older than his other half’s dad, 58, and mum, 56.

Cass told The Sun: “Johnny came in, sang and blew everyone away, his voice was amazing – honestly I instantly fell in love.

“I told all my coworkers that he was my boyfriend and as he was leaving I caught him at the door and was like, ‘Hi, I think I love you’ to which he replied, ‘Thanks’.

“Johnny didn’t come back into the coffee shop until two months later and I literally dreamed about him almost every night and thought about him constantly.

“But one day, he went to meet a psychotherapist and her friend, who was a psychic medium, they took him for lunch and she stared him dead in the eye and said he needed to go to this cafe.

“He asked why but they wouldn’t tell him, then one night he came back to the cafe and we met again – from there I guess the rest is history. 


“I love that a psychic medium was part of our love story, because it's like, it wasn't just us who knew we should be together.

“It felt like there were other forces at play that brought us together.

“Our age difference is 42 years but he acts like a teenager most of the time honestly! In the best ways, not the worst ways!”

Like many in age gap relationships, the couple have faced difficulties being accepted by everyone but say their experiences have mainly been positive. 

Johnny says his children – who are both older than his future wife, aged 33 and 30 – were initially cautious and were concerned their father was going to get hurt. 

It took them “a little longer to get used to the idea” but now they recognise their father and Cass they are “a wonderful couple”.

To avoid stares and gossip, Johnny says they often make a “preemptive strike” and explain she’s his lover “not my daughter”.

It’s fair for strangers to assume that we are father and daughter and I don’t take offense to it

He joked: “I should say, ‘We are a father and daughter and I just love her to death!’ and then give her a kiss on the lips.”

Cass added: “It doesn’t bother me when people get confused, I’m just like, ‘No, he’s not my dad’ – we often say it right off the bat because people are curious.

“It’s fair for strangers to assume that we are father and daughter and I don’t take offence to it.

“When it does happen we just shrug it off, it doesn’t bother us when that happens I guess we just don’t care really.”

The couple admits they feel “very lucky” to have not had to deal with many “rude comments” from strangers, but one particular incident stuck in Cass’ head.

“There was one lady who had a really big problem with it,” she recalled. 

'Too young & pretty to be with him!'

“When we went out to a club and were just dancing and drinking together and she was making yuck faces at me from the end of the bar. 

“So I walked up to her and said, ‘Is there something that you would like to say? I can see you gagging at me across the bar?’ 

“She was like, ‘Well, I just think he's so old and you're too young and pretty to be with him’ and all this cr*p. 

“I told her, ‘Well, thank you for your concern but I am a grown woman! I can make my own decisions, I don't need you to tell me whatever your opinions are.’

“She was kind of just like, ‘Whatever!’ – she was just very nasty but that was the only one bad experience, most people are really nice!”

Cass and Johnny bonded through their love of music and performing together, which they believe helped to form “a solid foundation” for their relationship.

'Elderly are less judgemental!'

Despite outsiders’ assumptions that a couple 42 years apart would have nothing in common, Cass says she’s never got on with someone so well.

“We love nature, going for walks every day three times a day, hiking, spending time with our families, food and listening to music,” she explained.

“There's just so much that we have in common, I don't think I've ever felt I had this much in common with anyone else. 

“I feel I’m closer to Johnny than even my peers or anyone to be honest with you. It's just really nice to feel like you're seen, you know!”

Johnny and Cass work together as therapeutic musicians for elderly people and say older people are often “less judgmental” than younger people.

He said: “Younger people and women under 40 are often judgemental but the senior citizens are all for it, they love us! 

“They ask ‘Are you guys married?’ and a lot of the time mistakenly refer to her as my wife, which I’m all for.”


Johnny popped the question in September last year and now they are planning their wedding, which they expect to happen by 2023.

While planning the rest of their lives together, the couple has been forced to confront the likelihood that Cass will outlive her other half. 

Despite this, the 26-year-old is eager to have children someday in the future, which Johnny hasn’t ruled out. 

Cass said: “I definitely want to be a mother someday and while Johnny’s already a father, he’s said he would be willing to start over and have children with me. 

“Whether that’s biological children or having kids another way, we have spoken about it.”

Despite this, Johnny has concerns about being an older parent as he fears it may be harder to “throw a baseball around” and “do normal father things” as he ages more.

However, he added: “The really complicated part is that I feel really good right now and hopefully, I will feel really good for years to come.

'I'm not going to croak it!'

“But when you’re a parent you have to be there for everybody and be able to do all the stuff that dads do.

“I don't think I'm gonna croak it in 10 years though and I try to be fit and healthy – but nobody knows what's planned for any of us.”

Johnny explained that having a younger partner has in fact made him more determined to stay in shape and “not let myself go”.

Cass admits she “doesn’t love talking about” death with her future husband but acknowledges it’s likely that Johnny will pass away before her.

She added: “It’s important for us to talk about the future because that’s the reality when you’re in an age gap relationship. 

“We try to live in the moment and I follow Johnny’s mantra, ‘Happiness is fleeting, so enjoy it while you have it.’” 

After finding love and happiness with a man more than two-and-a-half times her age, Cass believes others should consider getting into an age gap relationship.

She said: “I wish more people were more open to the idea of being with someone who is older or different than themselves.

“It’s such an opportunity to grow and to learn new things from this person and to experience another person's point of view and their lifestyle – I just feel like it's a good thing.”

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