I faked having Covid so I could go on a night out – I thought I got away with it before this awkward text from my boss

I faked having Covid so I could go on a night out – I thought I got away with it before this awkward text from my boss

January 30, 2022

IF you're really desperate to get out of something, there's no denying that Covid is a pretty convenient excuse – because no one is going to assume you're lying about the virus. Right?

So when TikToker Ellie told her boss she was at home sick with Covid, she didn't think he'd ever find out she was actually on a night out with mates.

In a viral video that's racked up over 230,000 views, Ellie explained how her and her mates were happily sharing clips of their night on her social media accounts.

But little did she know, her mate's Snapchat Story was about to get her caught red-handed.

Halfway through the night, Ellie was horrified to get a text from her boss asking to know exactly where she was.

Not giving her an opportunity to fib her way out of it, he then added: "How come you're out?"


Clearly panicked, Ellie decided to dig her heels in further and replied: "I'm not? Why've you thought that?"

However, he then named Ellie's friend who had posted footage of them at a club.

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Trying her best to come up with an excuse, Ellie said: "My test was negative, I did one of my mum's PCR tests and they came back straight away because she works in a care home.

"So I went to Lily's birthday party just to show my face but I can be back at work tomorrow because I'm negative."

Unsurprisingly, her boss was still sceptical and asked to see the email confirming her PCR.

As a side note, she wrote: "Email?? I didn't even go for a Covid test, I never had it. F***. I'm definitely getting the sack."

Needless to say, viewers were left cringing by the excruciating exchange.

Suggesting how she could have got away with it, one replied: "Should have said it was a memory."

Another added: "I did this and faked a positive email but screenshot it instead of forward it."

Meanwhile, a third said: "Could you not say you had a migraine? That’s my go to!"

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