I dropped £600 in one day on beauty treatments – people say I’m getting robbed but it keeps me low maintenance | The Sun

I dropped £600 in one day on beauty treatments – people say I’m getting robbed but it keeps me low maintenance | The Sun

August 5, 2023

A WOMAN has revealed she dropped £640 on beauty treatments in a single day so she could be low maintenance.

Amelia Liana shared a video on social media of herself going to and from pricey salons and massage parlours to get ready for her holiday.

In the clip, the beauty influencer said: "Here are all the high maintenance things I do to be low maintenance on my summer holiday and how much they cost."

The beauty fan's first stop was to Sarah Chapman for a facial to keep her skin looking fresh and glowy on holiday.

She went for microneedling and a LED treatment which took 90 minutes and cost £210.

Next, Amelia went to Belgravia and got a lymphatic massage over at Flavia for £180.


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"I swear by this, I have IBS, it debloats me, I feel so much lighter afterwards and it gets rid of water retention," she revealed.

After her debloating treatment Amelia, of course, had to get a fresh haircut for her holiday which cost her £190 for a cut and blowdry.

Lastly, the beauty whizz then got a new set of nails with builder's gel that cost £60.

In total, she racked up over £640 on four beauty treatments.

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The clip posted to her account @amelia.liana soon went viral with over 270k views and over 14k likes.

People in the comments were stunned by how much she spent on beauty treatments alone.

One person wrote: "You are getting robbed."

Another commented: "£190 for a cut and blow dry ?? Omg that's insane. Over $300 aud omg."

"TWO HUNDRED QUID FOR A TRIM?!!!" penned a third.

Meanwhile a fourth said: "£640 is more than most people’s holiday budget."

"£60 for plain builder gel is mad,” claimed a fifth.

Someone else added: "Damn that’s literally my monthly mortgage payments."

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