I divorced my lesbian wife for cheating – now he’s transitioned and we’ve remarried as husband & wife

I divorced my lesbian wife for cheating – now he’s transitioned and we’ve remarried as husband & wife

August 20, 2021

A WOMAN from Derbyshire ended things with her partner after discovering suspicious text message, but they ended up back together years later.

The lesbian couple divorced after Jewls Peart-Watson, 42, from Alfreton, Derbyshire discovered her then-wife was having an affair with a colleague at work.

But the couple have since remarried, this time as husband and wife.

The affair happened while her then-wife, Brandon, was transitioning to be a man.

Jewls discovered the affair after months of lies and shady behaviour, she points to noticing changes on their joint phone bill and suspicious texts.

After confronting her partner, Brandon Peart-Watson, 52, a handyman, she broke off their marriage.

Brandon finally admitted the truth to Jewls in November 2017.

Despite the couple separating, the pair still remained close and in an incredible twist of fate, have now re-married in a beautifully intimate ceremony in Llandrindod Wells, Wales.

Jewls, an export administrator, said: ''The affair was just awful, I thought I'd never trust again.

''There were so many clues that something was going on…

''But we had such a close, honest relationship that I just ignored the warning signs.

''But when I found texts, and then the phone bill and the fact that he was acting weird and cold around me – I finally started to really suspect something.

''To top it all off Brandon had started the process to transition to being a man so we had all that to contend with as well.

''After denying it for weeks he finally told me the truth, he broke down.

''I even confronted the colleague he had been with and found out he'd been telling us both a pack of lies.

''That really hurt and I knew we had to call it quits.

''I never ever thought we'd get back together, but we were just drawn back to each other.

"Our second wedding day was everything I've ever dreamed of, honestly it was so beautiful!''

The pair first met online in April 2012 and spoke every day for four months before meeting face to face.

They quickly fell in love, but had limited contact as Jewls was living in Germany.

But just four months later, after growing sick of the long distance relationship, she made the move to Pembrokeshire in Wales to be with Brandon.

Brandon admitted to Jewls early on in the relationship that he felt he had been born in the wrong body and she supported his decision to transition.

''Brandon just said nothing, I knew then that something was seriously wrong."

They first married in April 2013 and were 'blissfully happy' until 2016 when Brandon's mum died after a battle with dementia.

Jewls said: ''It was very hard for him. He lost his job around the same time too.

''It put a strain on us but I really wanted to help him.

''After a while I started to notice how distant and aggressive he was – although he kept saying he was fine.

''Then out of the blue I got a message from a woman he worked with – a woman I knew he had been texting quite a bit – who was calling me a 'bad wife' and things like that.

''I was astonished to be honest. I had a gut feeling something wasn't right, but when I confronted Brandon he said that she was having a hard time and not to worry about it.

''I trusted him and so I believed him 100%.

''I feel so naive now to say that but I really did.

''But then a few weeks later he didn't come home one night and kept making up excuses when I called him.

''But stupidly someone had tagged him in some pictures on Facebook and I saw that he was at a house party.

''In the end I had to go and collect him as his lift home had crashed their car.

''The colleague was there when I got there and she started screaming at me in the street.

''Brandon just said nothing, I knew then that something was seriously wrong.

''Later that night he finally admitted that they had been having an affair behind my back.

''I felt so sad, the person I had trusted the most had betrayed me.

''Nothing made sense.'' In November 2017 the pair were granted their divorce and went their separate ways, but they stayed in touch as Jewls was keen to continue to support Brandon's transition.

He had started hormone injections in January 2017 – just months before his affair.

Jewls moved to Derbyshire and formed a new relationship which she describes as 'horrendous'.

After that came to an abrupt end, in June 2018, Jewls found herself without anywhere to live and Brandon came to the rescue.

''Brandon and I had always stayed close, I had wanted to be there for his transitioning,'' she said.

''He even filmed his first hormone injection for me whilst we were apart as he knew I'd want to be part of that moment.

''But I never expected him to hop in his car and come to look after me in my hour of need.

''He helped me find a flat of my own and just spent a lot of time with me making sure I was ok and happy.

''I realised I was still in love with him – we both still had feelings but we knew it would be hard going.

''You can't just forget about all the pain.

''We were just friends for about a year.

''In fact Brandon always encouraged me to date other people, he didn't want to tie me down again after what had happened last time.

''But no one ever felt right for me – not like he does.'' In August 2019 they officially got back together and Brandon moved up to Derbyshire to be with Jewls.

''It was tough but we made it and now we're stronger than ever."

He re-proposed in December 2019 and the lovebirds have now married for the second time, in a gorgeous white wedding in the Welsh countryside.

Brandon, who had a breast removal operation in 2019, is now planning a hysterectomy and is also keen to have sex reassignment surgery.

Jewls said: ''We had couples therapy before we got back together as we knew there were still issues to work out.

''It was tough but we made it and now we're stronger than ever.

''We've been through so much together with the cheating, family deaths and the transitioning.

''I don't care what sex Brandon is, I love who he is inside.

''I'm happy to support anything he needs to finally feel at peace within his body.

''I'm already so excited for our next chapter as man and wife – this time it's going to be forever.'' Brandon said: ''I regret what I did so much, but I needed that time to myself in the end. It's made me a stronger person.

''I was dealing with so much and I feel awful that I let Jewls down in the process.

''She's always been there for me and I'm so happy we've married all over again.

''I'm still waiting to transition fully, but I know whatever happens, Jewls will be by my side.''

Jewls has even written a fictional book based about her relationship experiences, called The Colours Of My Rainbow, detailing her search for love over a few decades.

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