I converted a shed into a tiny house for my pregnant daughter so she can live next door – I'm a stone's throw away | The Sun

I converted a shed into a tiny house for my pregnant daughter so she can live next door – I'm a stone's throw away | The Sun

August 14, 2023

IT'S always great having family close by, especially if you have a baby on the way.

One woman showed off her pregnant daughter's tiny home, which is located in her own garden.

In her video, TikTok user Lissa Lou (@thatgirllissa) showed viewers the shed turned living space.

"Took us about a year to complete cause we all work full-time jobs and my daughter is now super pregnant," she explained in the clip's caption.

"This is a tour of my daughter’s tiny house, this is a 16-foot by 32-foot shed that we converted," Lissa Lou said as she gave her followers a look around the home.

First up on the tour was the kitchen, which was fully equipped and even had extra counter space.

The TikToker explained how the family put the space together on a budget.

"The cabinets we got from customers of ours who did a remodel, the paneling we got from Lowe’s," she said.

The content creator added that they insulated the entire space with sheet rock.

Lissa Lou also gave viewers a quick look at the living area, which featured a flat-screen TV, an electric fire, and an L-shaped couch.

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Pointing out a small door towards the top of the high-ceiling area, she said: "That is the access to the hot water tank and all the inner working of the plumbing.

"That is placed over the top of the bathroom, in case there are any issues it will drain right into the shower," Lissa Lou said, showing her followers the room underneath.

The compact bathroom consisted of a shower, toilet, and sink, as well as some storage space.

Lissa Lou pointed out the handy vanity cabinet that they placed over the toilet.

Finally, she took her followers into the bedroom, which had a king-sized bed, a flat-screen TV, and built-in cabinets for extra storage.

The TikToker pointed out the dark brown ceiling beams, which she explained were taken from the floor of the attic.

After staining, the influencer added them back to the ceiling to create a rustic look.

In a second clip, the soon-to-be-grandmother showed viewers the exterior of the house.

She explained that the outside had yet to be finished as they still had to work on the under-skirting.

In another video, Lissa Lou revealed that she literally lived a stone's throw away from her daughter's tiny home.

"I live right next door to her, you can literally throw a stone from her house to mine," she said.

She also explained that her future grandchild will have a full-sized nursery at her house.

Liss Lou added that her daughter has the option to add a sleeping area loft to her tiny home just above the kitchen.

TikTok users took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the tiny home.

"It's sooo nice, I would live in it," wrote one impressed follower.

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Another viewer said: "This is the best tiny house I’ve seen, I love how the [bed]room and living room are separate."

"This is saving your child from debt and inflation," pointed out a third person.

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