I can’t stand my name – it’s so embarrassing and instantly makes me think of an old, fat woman | The Sun

I can’t stand my name – it’s so embarrassing and instantly makes me think of an old, fat woman | The Sun

February 16, 2023

CHOOSING a name for a child is a big decision for any parent to make – and one that many will want to get totally perfect.

While some prefer to go down the traditional route when choosing a moniker for their little one, others will pick something slightly more unique. 

One young woman has revealed that she is really embarrassed by her unique name.

Posting on community sharing platform Reddit, the young woman explained that her mother gave her a unique middle name, but she absolutely hates it.

She claimed that her middle name is a mixture of two names.

Not only this, but she said that the name reminds her of an “old, fat lady.” 

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She explained: “I’m embarrassed of my name.

“My mom likes weird names. 

“And she loves combining things or making things unique. 

“All my siblings have exotic names or names in other languages. 

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“I have a normal first name but my middle name is Jenisa (Jerise + Anisa combined; both Arabic in origin & names of relatives).

“I don't like my middle name. 

“It sounds like Jemima, which makes me think of an old fat lady who eats a lot of pancakes.” 

Reddit users were quick to share their support for the young girl in the comments. 

One person said: “I think it's a pretty middle name. 

“It sounds closer to "Jenny" than "Jemima" to me.” 

Whilst another added: “It'll pass. Or you can change it. 

“My last name felt weird to me when I was young.

"I'd rather not say what it is but it rhymes with pickletwist which is what some silly kids called me. 

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“So I hated the name forever or so it felt. I've gotten adjusted now.

“I don't mind saying it but when people try to spell it and I have to correct it over and over again, I wish I was just Smith.” 

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