I can't drive long distances without having to stop at service stations for sex | The Sun

I can't drive long distances without having to stop at service stations for sex | The Sun

January 5, 2023

LOVE Island star Shannon Singh has revealed she and her boyfriend are so frisky that they stop at service stations for risky romps.

The former glamour model, from Glenrothes, Fife, admitted things get very steamy on their long drives from London to Scotland.

Speaking on her new podcast Hushed, the 24-year-old was interviewing intimacy coach Dr Lori Beth Bisbey when she described her own adventurous antics with partner Ben Sterling, a famous DJ.

Shannon said: "I'm very sexual.

"I'm not shy when it comes to my sex life because I require it.

"My connection with my partner is getting into bed, getting in the feels and having a great time,

"People get so shy talking about sex and I'm not like that at all.

"Me and Ben will have a long drive from London to Scotland and we will stop at the service stations and spark it up.

"I literally need to keep it alive and I love it because he's the same.

"It's not to the point that it's the only intimacy we have, but I know I have a really high sex drive so I need it."

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Shannon previously boasted about having sex eight times a day and said she “loves it rough” in the build-up to her stint on Love Island in 2021.

Appearing on the Who's Your Daddy podcast, she said: “I am very sexually active, I have sex like eight times a day.

“Not every day but I have a lot of sex. I am very sexually active.

“I had sex in the morning yesterday, then in a toilet, then in the afternoon.

“I quite like a bit of rough and tough. I kind of like it rough and I love a bit of morning sex. I love it.

"I lost my virginity quite young, I have always been mature for my age.

“I regret losing it so young. But I was sexually active from a young age."

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