I bragged about my super easy phone shop job where I got paid loads to sit and do nothing – looking back it was an error

I bragged about my super easy phone shop job where I got paid loads to sit and do nothing – looking back it was an error

May 10, 2022

SHE thought she had it made when she landed a job in a phone shop.

But Meg's plan to brag about her super-easy work in a TikTok video backfired when she was fired for it.

In her original video, Meg showed herself sitting at her desk inside the o2 store, and wrote over the top of the clip: "I’m really getting paid £10 an hour to sit here and watch TikToks, eat food, smoke my vape inside and stare outside the window for eight hours???"

"What's the catch?" she captioned the video.

She was inundated with messages from people urging her to be careful posting about her job, with many warning her that such action might lead to her losing the gig.

"The catch is ur gonna get fired," one person wrote.

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Meg then returned to TikTok to tell her followers that she'd set the video to private after getting a complaint from the social media team, and had texted her manager to apologise.

"I texted my manager saying, 'I'm really sorry, I hope I don't get in too much trouble' and stuff like that," she said.

"And he was like, 'I'll speak to you on Thursday'."

"I spoke to the people that I work with and they said he was just trying to freak me out and that they wouldn't fire me over that."

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So when it came to the next day she was due in work, she headed in with her Red Bull and her vape, and was ready to work as normal.

When her manager came in, he greeted everyone and then called Meg into his office and told her to take a seat.

"So I sat down and he was like ‘This is a really uncomfortable situation, this is really awkward, nobody wants to say this, but we have had to end your probationary period with immediate fail.'

"I was literally sitting there like 'Oh really? That's not very good'. I felt so uncomfortable, I didn't know what to say."

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She added that she's since put the TikTok back up, "cos I've got nothing to lose now", and had applied for about 20 jobs.

"But I think it’s going to catch up with me soon and I’m going to get into a bit of a depression pit because I’ve got no job," she concluded.

In another video, Meg responded to someone who said that she should have known not to post the original video – and it was just "common sense".

"I wasn't born with that thing that most people have – I don't have any common sense," she said.

"I'm not stupid but I don't have any common sense.

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"And I should have known because when I posted that TikTok, all of the comments were like, 'You've got to be careful', 'you're gonna lose your job', and I was just like, 'Obviously that's not going to happen – I'm not going to lose my job over a 15-second TikTok.

"Please don't make me feel worse about it. I already feel really silly and it was really embarrassing."

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