I bought 20 drinks in McDonald’s to see how much I won with their new game – here’s how it went | The Sun

I bought 20 drinks in McDonald’s to see how much I won with their new game – here’s how it went | The Sun

April 8, 2023

THEY'RE hoping their new Winning Sips game will be as popular as McDonald's Monopoly.

So one man decided to buy 20 drinks from his local fast food eatery to see just how much he could win on the game.

"I bought 20 cup drinks at McDonald's just to see what the chances are of winning the Winning Sips competition," the man said in a video on his Mad About Maccies TikTok page.

"So here's the results."

After peeling off 20 stickers, four of them were "instant wins", meaning he won "an apple pie, medium milkshake, porridge and a sausage and egg McMuffin".

"I also got one digital win, which I had to redeem on the McDonald's app," he continued, revealing that win was for 6 chicken McNuggets.

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"The remaining 15 stickers yielded no immediate prize but they do get entered into a £10,000 prize draw," he said.

"Let's hope I'm lucky!"

People quickly took to the comments section to weigh in on his winnings, with one writing: "Literally ordered last night.

"First time, pull sticker off, scanned and boom, I won a glass!"

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"My first win was £5, bosh!" another added.

"I won £5 cash and 6 McNuggets," a third boasted.

As someone else said: "I've had two drinks and won twice!"

"I got £20 from it," another wrote.

But not everyone was pleased with their prizes.

"I bought my first one today and won a McPlant," one sighed.

"I've never been so disappointed in my life."

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