I bagged loads of bargain Lynx at Asda… people were so blown away by the cost they made me prove it with a receipt | The Sun

I bagged loads of bargain Lynx at Asda… people were so blown away by the cost they made me prove it with a receipt | The Sun

February 6, 2023

A LUCKY shopper's gone viral after bagging an amazing Lynx deal at Asda – people cannot believe how little the bargain cost.

Lynx deodorants – you either hate them or love them, and one woman who belongs in the latter category is Nicky Lee, from the UK.

The bargain-lover managed to bag a massive gift set of Lynx for so cheap, fellow shoppers demanded she uploaded a receipt to prove it.

Sharing the amazing find, Nicky took to Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK Group on Facebook where she was quickly met with scepticism.

''20p each in Asda,'' the beauty fan claimed in the now-viral post that's been liked over 5.6k times in just three days.

The massive set, she showed in the photo, came with five different body sprays and five body washes.


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Originally priced at £25, Nicky immediately bagged, making massive savings of over £24 for the huge box.

Not one to sleep on the bargain, she even bagged a few other boxes.

But despite being happy with the absolute steal, the Asda fan was met with trolling, as people flocked to comments not believing her.

Seeing how little she claimed to have paid, fellow members of the popular group insisted Nicky uploaded proof – which she later did.

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One meanie reckoned: '' yeah right, staff would e [would've] cleared them at that price lol.''

Someone else wondered: ''Where are these people finding these bargains, the Outer Hebrides? I must be so frickin’ unlucky.''

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However, it wasn't all negative, as hundreds flocked to comments to defend Nicky, saying they would've done the exact same.

''Sorry but for 20p a pack we all would of cleared the shelves lol. Anyone saying they wouldn't is god dam telling lies,'' wrote a supportive Facebook fan.

''F**k me you can’t win in this group,'' another added.

''You’ve either taken to many or your lying. Why don’t you moaners go find a new group!''

Recently, another shopper was trolled for clearing the shelves during Lush sale.

Pleased with her shopping haul from Boxing Day, Tammie Spencer took to Facebook to demonstrate the monster pile on the floor.

''I save up throughout the year to treat myself… after last years disappointing sale this is what I got…,'' read the caption by the snaps, which she uploaded on Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group.

''205 yes it’s a lot but I know half of it will end up in my niece and nephews hands!'' Tammie claimed.

The massive haul was full of heaps of items, including the viral Snow Fairy bath bomb, as well as others in the shape of Santa – perfect for the festive season.

Next to bright boxes filled with even more products also laid shower gels, creams and one Snow Fairy candle, which one shopper described as disappointing.

The post has taken the social media giant by storm, racking up over 4.2k likes and more than a thousand comments.

But whilst Tammie may have not thought much of her haul, which cost her more than £200, Facebook fans certainly had something to say – they reckoned she had gone overboard with bagging the items.

One mum moaned: ''So that's why I couldn't get any snow fairy stuff for my daughter.''

Someone else added: ''This is probably why we couldn’t get anything.''

Fortunately for Tammie and all the others who had stocked up during the sale, there were plenty of those who reminded she had every right to bag all these items.

One supportive member of the group penned: ''And the people saying “this is why nothings left” it’s a first come first served basis…. You snooze you loose! 

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''If you don’t get there first stop complaining if you want it that bad get up early.''

''I did exact same on Boxing Day ! Love it,'' a second Lush fan joined in.

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