I bag all my daughter's clothes for the YEAR in the January sales – people say it's cheap but I save hundreds

I bag all my daughter's clothes for the YEAR in the January sales – people say it's cheap but I save hundreds

January 29, 2021

A MUM has revealed how she bags all her daughter's clothes for the year in the January sales.

Natasha Burt, from Sheffield, saves hundreds with the discount shopping and says she's been accused of being "cheap" because of her thrifty ways – but doesn't care.

Speaking to Fabulous through LovetheSales.com, the 34-year-old dog groomer says: "People say it's cheap to do all your shopping in the sales but I think it's the clever thing to do.

"My daughter Lilly, nine, doesn't know the difference. And at the moment it feels like she's having a growth spurt every day.

"I'm always having to buy new clothes but it wasn't until a few years back I realised how crazy it was paying full price for kids' clothes.

"I totted up all my receipts for her new clothing one year and it came to an eye-watering £500.

"This year, I spent just £200 but it would have been double that without the discounts."

Natasha adds: “I wanted to break the cycle before she became a teenager and the costs got out of hand, so I came up with a plan to get all her clothes for the year in the January sales.

“You really can find amazing deals deep into January. I sign up to retailers’ emails and wish list clothes throughout the month, to make sure I don’t miss a bargain.

“It does pile on the pressure during January. But this year, with the lockdown, I’ve spent more time at home and had more chances to search for bargains on sales comparison sites.”

Natasha says you can find some amazing deals from lesser-known brands as well as the big name ones, so it's important to mix things up.

She adds: “I love getting good brands like Nike because you know the quality, but sometimes the best deals are with the lesser-known brands, or even a retailer’s own brand of clothing.

"This year, I found loads of goodies in the River Island sale. I got a warm puffer jacket and a hoodie at half price, which will be perfect for Lilly in the winter months.

"My best bargain was a Trepass raincoat, at 73% off, which I got in the Trespass sale through LovetheSales.com.

"Coats are always a big money investment and it’s so good to get them on a discount, especially if the kids grow out of them by next year.”

Natasha didn't just save on winter garments, she also bought Lilly new Puma trainers and skinny jeans.

And she bagged her girl a Nike playsuit, Mango floral dress, flip flops and Aviator sunglasses for the summer.

What Natasha bought

Winter clothing 

River Island Pink Padded Jacket | £20 was £40 | 50% off from River Island via LovetheSales.com

Trespass White Beanie | £6.68 was £14.58 | 54% off from Universal Textiles

Spring clothing

Trespass Pink Raincoat | £26.02 was £97.09 | 73% off from Universal Textiles

Mango Skinny Jeans | £9.99 was £15.99 | 38% off from Mango

Puma Pink Trainers | £25 was £38 | 34% off from JD Sports

Summer clothing 

Nike Playsuit | £18 was £35 | 49% off from Very

Mango Floral Dress | £15.99 was £25.99 | 38% off from Mango

Joules Flip Flops | £6.95 was £8.95 | 22% off from Joules

Aviator Sunglasses | £8.63 was £18.58 | 54% off from Universal Textiles

Autumn clothing

River Island Hoodie | £8 was £15 | 47% off from River Island

Mango Top | £16 was £20 | 20% off from Mango

Year-round clothing 

Calvin Klein Bra Top (2 pack) | £14.99 was £25.99 | 42% off from Loofes Clothing

River Island Pyjama Set | £12 was £20 | 40% off from River Island

Original Penguin Socks (5 pack) | £3.99 was £9.99 | 60% off from M&M Direct

Total spend: £200.22

Total Saving: £197.85

Natasha says: “It looks like it’s going to be another tough year for parents money wise.

"My kids need more clothes during lockdown because they aren’t wearing school uniform five times-a-week, so I think it’s more important than ever to stock up on great value deals.”

Stuart McClure, co-founder of LovetheSales.com, says: “It’s a smart decision buying your clothes during sales periods.

"Many retailers are extending January sales this year to sell through overstock, so there's still time for parents to find bargains on kids' clothing.” 

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