How to survive work with a hangover if you've overdone it at the Christmas party

How to survive work with a hangover if you've overdone it at the Christmas party

December 7, 2018

No matter how much you tell yourself you're going to take it easy because you've got work the next day, that rubber arm syndrome kicks in and before you know it you're knocking back tequilas until the early hours. Oops.

Now we're well into the festive season the Christmas parties are coming thick and fast, which means having to cope with the dreaded consequences the next day.

Thankfully Dr Pedram Kordrostami, founder of AfterDrink – a supplement designed to help you feel fresh after a big night out – has provided his top tips on staving off that dreaded morning after feeling.

Steer clear of the coffee machine

If you find yourself hungover at work after a heavy Christmas party, you'll probably be tempted to head straight to the coffee machine.

But resist that urge, hungover friends!

"Caffeine acts as a stimulant, which makes your brain feel more alert and causes your heart rate to increase," Dr Kordrostami explains.

"The problem is, the alcohol in your system will already be making your heart beat a lot quicker than usual. Coffee will speed this up further, causing you to feel on edge and worsen the shakes you may have.

"Caffeine – like alcohol – is also a diuretic, which means it will make you urinate more than the liquid you drink, potentially leading to dehydration."

Avoid 'hair of the dog'

We know how tempting it is to reach for a Bloody Mary when you've got a head on you, but it's only delaying the inevitable.

"Hangover symptoms begin to occur when the alcohol concentration in your blood reaches zero," Dr Kordrostami says.

"Boozing the next day will only guarantee your hangover coming back a lot worse.

"Plus, being drunk at work will also land yourself in hot water with your boss."


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Eat fruit

That's FRUIT, not a bacon sandwich.

According to Dr Kordrostami, fruit will give you all the vitamins and minerals needed to beat that hangover away. Plus,  after a night of overindulgence the last thing your body needs is more naughty stuff that isn't good for it.

Bananas are great for hangovers as they contain potassium, which excessive consumption alcohol can eliminate from your body’s supply.

Have a long, hot shower or bath

This will help to eliminate any tell-tale bad smells lingering around you after a big night.

A hot bath that makes you sweat will also help your lymphatic system get rid of the toxins in your body – though avoid the sauna as excessive sweating can make you even more dehydrated and lower your blood sugar.

De-bag your eyes

Bags under the eyes are a massive giveaway of a great late night.

To get rid, Dr Kordrostami recommends massaging the bridge of your nose a little and holding some cold teaspoons over your eyes for no more than 2 minutes.

It might also be worth squirting some eye drops in your eyes to reduce the redness.

Don't succumb to 'The Fear'

Anxiety and the jitters – hangxiety – are a common symptom after a big night out.

Aside from remembering the shenanigans you got up to the night before, it’s caused by your nervous system waking up and becoming over stimulated after being suppressed by alcohol overnight.

Dr Kordrostami suggests sipping on some chamomile tea on your way to work to settle the nerves.

Stave off the sickness

Feeling sick is arguably the worst symptom of a hangover, and is certainly not conducive to a productive day at work. Alcohol irritates the lining of your stomach and causes it to become inflamed, meaning it's in a delicate condition the day after drinking, and any small amount of food or liquid can make you feel nauseous.

"Ginger is the only natural anti-sickness remedy backed up by research, and can help with feelings of nausea," says Dr Kordrostami.

Make yourself a ginger tea with a slice of fresh ginger in boiled water – or if that doesn't float your boat, chew on some ginger sweets.

"You may also be feeling sick because you have low blood sugar, which can be cured by sipping on a sugary drink," adds Dr Kordrostami.

Take a supplement

There are a few hangover "remedies" out there now that could become your new best friend during Christmas party season.

While they may not make your hangover magically disappear, they can make you feel a lot better by replenishing the nutrients lost from alcohol.

AfterDrink is a multivitamin, amino acid and herbal extract supplement which helps maintain normal liver function, support mental performance, speed up the breakdown of toxins in your body and reduce tiredness and fatigue.

It costs £18 – which works out at around £2 per night out.

Another goody is Boomerang, a tropical fruit flavoured drink containing a mix of ingredients which have been scientifically proven to metabolise alcohol toxins, support healthy liver function and replenish lost vitamins and minerals following a drinking session.

These cost £12.80 for a pack of four, but for a limited time you can get a "free" sample for just £3.95, which covers the delivery fee.

Obviously not drinking at all – or seriously reducing the amount you knock back – is the best remedy to feeling fresh the morning after.

If you are regularly getting a hangover, it’s a sign that you may be drinking too much and should consider cutting down.

Worried you’re an alcoholic? Take this quiz to find out.

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