How to rescue gravy which is too runny, lumpy or salty – Easter roast cooking advice

How to rescue gravy which is too runny, lumpy or salty – Easter roast cooking advice

April 19, 2019

EASTER lunch just isn't complete without a generous serving of gravy, but the delicious sauce is harder to make than most people realise.

But don't fear if you've a kitchen disaster – here's how to fix it…

What to do if your gravy is lumpy?

So, you got distracted with the hundreds of other things that need doing and forgot to whisk the gravy, and now it's all lumpy.

The solution is easy.

Try straining the gravy through a fine sieve to separate the lumps.

Or, if you have one, use a food processor or stick blender to whizz the gravy until it is nice and smooth.

What to do if your gravy is runny?

Gravy looking a little runny and not coating the food you're pouring it on?

You can thicken it by adding a solution of equal parts cornflour and cold water or stock.

Or you can make a paste using melted butter and plain flour.

Once you have done either, whisk it into the gravy over a low heat until it is simmering.

Continue whisking until the gravy is the consistency you're going for.

What to do if your gravy is too salty?

You may be tempted to add a small amount of sugar if your gravy has become too salty.

Don't do this. You will end up with a weirdly sweet tasting sauce that won't accompany your roast very well.

Instead, add potato.

Chop up a small potato and add it to the gravy.

Stir over a simmering heat for about 15 minutes then remove the lumps of potato.

The potato will absorb any excess salt and leave it perfect for serving.

What to do if your gravy is flavourless?

Worked really hard on the gravy but it is still bland?

Try adding a splash of soy sauce or Worcester sauce to give it more body.

If you'd rather steer clear of these options, just try adding a pinch of salt.

Sauteed onion or mushrooms will also give the flavour of your gravy more depth, as will adding a little bit of browned butter.

Want to cook the perfect gravy?

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