How the 'edging' trick can boost your sex life – and it promises LONGER orgasms

How the 'edging' trick can boost your sex life – and it promises LONGER orgasms

November 1, 2021

IF YOU’RE looking for a way to heat things up in the bedroom then a certain tantric tip could be exactly what the love doctor ordered.

Tantric sex is often lumped with an ‘alternative’ label but the practice of ‘edging’ is becoming increasingly popular among couples.

Many have credited it with boosting the libidos of those that try it and promises to give you longer and more intense orgasms.

But what is edging and how do you practice it? Scroll down to find out more.

What is edging?

'Edging', also known as 'orgasm control', involves taking yourself to the point of orgasm but then deliberately stopping before you reach the peak.

According to fans of the technique, edging actually makes the eventual orgasm much more powerful.

Apparently, the blood flow and sensitivity in a person’s genitals is increased which then makes for a more dramatic orgasm – there’s also a psychological aspect of wanting what you can’t have.

Edging is seen as a control method and some couples like using it as a tame way of exploring power exchanges in the bedroom.

The method is supposedly great for making men more erect and offsetting any erectile issues. And it’s great for women too.

Delaying orgasm and prolonging the plateau of arousal is believed to increase health and bring lovers closer together emotionally and spiritually – so it’s great for couples who want to feel a deeper connection.

Research from OMGYes, an educational orgasm app, even suggests that edging is one of the most popular ways for a woman to masturbate.

How to practice edging?

When it comes to carrying out the method, everyone is different.

Some people like to reach the edge of orgasm and pulling back from the brink once or twice before letting go, while others edge numerous times before the main event.

And then there are some who love edging so much that they will repeat the process over and over again without any release – talk about self-control.

When it comes to trying the technique out for yourself, practice makes perfect and some people like to withdraw stimulation entirely as they edge – while others just dial down the intensity.

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