How Kim Kardashian's face and body changed since hitting the headlines in 2006

How Kim Kardashian's face and body changed since hitting the headlines in 2006

October 11, 2020

WITH her cartoon-esque curves and enviably smooth face, Kim has turned her extraordinary looks into her fortune.

But there has always been plenty of speculation over whether she’s entirely as nature intended.

Although Kim has denied having surgery on her face, crediting the miracle of make-up and contouring for her slimmer nose, fuller pout and smoother jawline, she looks remarkably different from the woman who first hit headlines back in 2006. 

As for her ever-morphing body, she attributes her most famous asset to cortisone injections, a form of medication she uses to treat her psoriasis, which she claims has the side effect of causing dents in her rear.

Apart from admitting to “trying” Botox and having her hairline re-sculpted to remove baby hairs that made her “break out”, Kim says it’s all down to good genes, great shape-wear and hard-working bras.

Here, we look at what a difference a decade and a half can make and speak to cosmetic surgeon Dr Mark Solomos about what help Kim may have had along the way.

June 2006

Dr Solomos says: “Kim displayed a relatively natural look back in 2006. The contours of her breasts look natural, albeit pert. It could mean therefore that she has had subtle breast augmentation.

“Her eyes and lips both appear natural, while her complexion looks clear and dewy.

“Her flawless skin could well be down to her youth at this stage rather than any interventions.”

January 2009

Dr Solomos says: “Her complexion appears clear, possibly a sign of laser treatment on the skin, which can be effective for treating everything from acne scars to pigmentation caused by the sun.

“Similarly, the skin on her forehead is taut and smooth, a sign of possible injections in order to reduce the onset of wrinkles and help skin to maintain its flawless appearance.”

April 2012

Dr Solomos says: “Kim’s body seems to be on a trajectory, with her waistline and thighs becoming thinner. People can often achieve this look with a fat-transfer treatment – taking fat from the waist, stomach and thighs to slim these regions and then transferring it to the bum.

“Unfortunately, it’s very difficult to emulate these results with physical training and the procedure does carry risk.”

June 2016

Dr Solomos says: “Kim’s breasts look fuller, suggesting she may have had breast augmentation. Similarly, her face has taken on a different shape in this photo – she may have undergone procedures to reduce the angulation on her chin.

“It’s possible she’s had dermal fillers along the jawline as well as surgery to reduce the size of her nose. The shape of the cheeks has changed, too, suggesting dermal fillers.”

June 2018

Dr Solomos says: “In this photo, there is an obvious change in the shape of Kim’s bottom. While exercise and diet can help to change the shape and size, it’s unlikely they’d cause a transformation of this size.

“Instead it’s possible that she’s undergone a Brazilian butt lift – to transfer fat from another part of her body into her bottom. It results in a more pert, rounded and protruding bottom.”

May 2019

Dr Solomos says: “There’s a dramatic change in her body shape from the first photo. Her waist appears smaller and her hips and bottom more rounded.

“This extreme shape definition has been achieved by using a corset here, which explains the unnatural body shape. Her face is more defined around the cheekbones, a possible indication of dermal fillers.”  

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