Homeowner reveals how to use a $6 product to lower your heating bill during the cold months of winter

Homeowner reveals how to use a $6 product to lower your heating bill during the cold months of winter

January 26, 2022

TURNING up the heat each time winter rolls around can certainly put a dent in your budget.

Well, personal finance coach Aleigha has the perfect solution: window insulation kits.

In the U.S., a typical household spends over $167 per month on their heating bill, according to Rocket HQ.

In an attempt to lower winter heating costs, many try to keep thermostats set at low temperatures, close doors to unused rooms, or use their oven to heat up the surrounding room.

Through her social media, Aleigha shared an easy, and very affordable, money-saving hack.

For just $6, she purchased the Frost King Indoor Window Insulation Kit from Home Depot, which supplies enough insulation for four windows.

"There's like no cold air coming into my apartment now," Aleigha claimed.

Thanks to this low-cost hack from Aleigha, this product will help you save up to 35 percent of your room's heat loss.

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Following her TikTok hack which received over 101K views, Aleigha shared another video showing her followers what the window insulation looks like from inside.

To make this hack even more convenient, the insulation kit can be easily installed to windows using any standard hair dyer.

One user commented: "Used this all the time because my bed used to be by the window. Works amazingly, definitely recommend."

With months of cold weather still ahead, you should be careful with these three dangerous radiator hacks experts are warning against.

DIY radiator covers, hot water cleaning hacks, and painting radiators with standard paint can all lead to bigger problems down the road, like reducing heat output.

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