Globetrotting DJ Cassidy shares his stylish packing list

Globetrotting DJ Cassidy shares his stylish packing list

December 5, 2018

What does one of the world’s most famous and fashionable emcees pack for jetsetting to VIP gigs around the globe? If you’re DJ Cassidy, you’ve got it figured out — right down to a spare pair of fresh white Adidas kicks just in case.

Raised on New York City’s Upper East Side, Cassidy Podell, 37, got an early start on the turntables: His parents granted his wish for two of them (and a mixer) on his 10th birthday. His talent quickly caught the eye — and ear — of Diddy, who began hiring the young mix-master for gigs. His most A-list booking of all? It’s a toss-up between Barack Obama’s 2009 Inaugural Ball and Beyoncé’s wedding to Jay-Z.

Cassidy has also produced hits with boldfacers like Robin Thicke, Jessie J and most recently Justine Skye, with whom he collabed on “Coolin’ By My Side” — an ode to globe-trotting with bae. On the fashion front, DJ Cassidy’s signature flair is free-flowing, yet meticulously styled — ranging from classic Champion sweats to custom-made tweed jackets inspired by his grandmother’s Chanel pieces. Behold the packing list that makes his world go round.

“These hats have become my signature trademark. I simply can’t go anywhere without at least two of my custom boaters — straw for warm weather, felt for cold weather.” 

“The largest, longest, strongest, most iconic tote ever. This has been my go-to carry-on since I began traveling the world as a DJ, holding everything from juices and snacks to a jacket and extra socks.”

“A vest is my most important travel garment. Iconic, rugged and fly. I’m constantly feeling hot and cold in airports and on airplanes, and I’m always flying between climates, so a vest gives me a little insulation without being too warm or too snug.” 

“The perfect Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, phone-call, airplane-movie, pillow-friendly, pocket-fitting, easy-to-replace, on-the-move travel headphone a DJ — or anyone — could have.”

“The only sneaker in my life. I wear one. I pack two.”

“My favorite, any-occasion sunglasses. As perfect for walking off the plane as they are for walking into the DJ booth. And yes, I wear my sunglasses at night.” 

“I check an enormous custom-made steel hatbox, but I carry on this incredibly chic T. Anthony hatbox for the one boater I can’t go without if my bags don’t make the plane and I have to go straight from the airport to perform.”

“This scent machine makes every hotel room around the world smell like home. I love ‘Seduction,’ ‘Mystify,’ ‘Kokomo’ and ‘November Rain.’ ”

“A Champion reverse-weave sweatsuit is simply the most comfortable, most durable, best fitting sweatsuit I have ever worn, and it doesn’t shrink so I can let hotels wash it.”

“Simply the best travel jacket made. Extremely warm, extremely light and extremely compact — it folds into a bag that doubles as a pillow. It’s down alternative and superfly.” 

“I travel with three of these amazingly classic khaki twill holdalls, two in my luggage and one in my carry-on. One for toiletries, one for shavers and one for my many vintage brooches and bracelets.”

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