Glenn Close, 71, Wears 42lb Gold Dress & Cape To The Oscars

Glenn Close, 71, Wears 42lb Gold Dress & Cape To The Oscars

February 25, 2019

In a sea of starlets and stunning dresses at the Oscars, Glenn Close just proved that she’s the queen of the red carpet. Who else there would have the guts to wear a 42-lb. dress? You have to see the full-length pic of her gorgeous gown!

Glenn Close may be taking home the Academy Award tonight for Best Actress, so what better occasion that that to wear a golden gown that makes her look just like the statuette? The iconic actress, 71, looked effortlessly elegant on the 2019 Oscars red carpet, floating down the carpet in a shimmering gown from Carolina Herrera with a dramatic train. She may have played The Wife, but Glenn is the Queen. Just look at the full-length pic of her Oscars dress below and try to disagree!

Her dress isn’t just stunning; it’s pretty damn extra. Glenn revealed while chatting with Ryan Seacrest on the red carpet that it weighs — wait for it — 42 POUNDS. it’s called fashion, baby. Look it up! The reason it’s so heavy? That beauty is bedazzled with four million beads. She accessorized with a clutch that looked like a gold bar, and dazzling, diamond drop earrings. Honestly, though, we’re just hoping that her adorable dog, Pip, is hiding out underneath her train. He’s the breakout star of awards season, after all!

Glenn Close is more than likely about to win the Best Actress Oscar for her starring role in The Wife, and it’s more than deserved. Glenn, one of the most legendary actresses in Hollywood for her roles in Fatal Attraction Albert Nobbs, has been nominated for an Oscar seven times, and never won. She’s picking up that Oscar, dressed like an Oscar, people!

For more stunning pics from the Oscars red carpet of stars like Constance Wu, Charlize Theron, Angela Bassett, and more, scroll through our gallery above! They’re not all Glenn… but they’re definitely close.

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