Genius hack reveals to wrap a present when you cut the piece of wrapping paper too small

Genius hack reveals to wrap a present when you cut the piece of wrapping paper too small

December 5, 2019

EVER feel frustrated when trying to wrap a present but the paper is just a tiny bit too small to cover it?

A woman has shared her incredible hack at solving the issue and people have said their minds are blown. 

Taking to video platform TikTok, she showed how she was initially unable to stretch her paper to fully wrap a box.

However, she then slightly moved the square item in the middle of the paper so that the edges didn’t line up and one corner was pointing upwards. 

She then folded down one of the corners of the wrapping paper, so the point ended up on the centre of the box.

Taping as she went, the savvy woman folded all of the other points so they met in the middle too. 

Shockingly for some, the paper fully covered the box and the present was neatly presented. 

An impressed social media user shared the TikTok video on Twitter with the caption: “Okay but really my mind was BLOWN.

“RT to save a life this Christmas.”

And it turns out she wasn’t the only person to be shocked by the wrapping hack. 

The 20-second video has been viewed nearly two million times and many Twitter users have added their own thoughts. 

One person raved: “Wowwwwwwwwww so all that paper I wasted and I could have done this.”

Another added: “I have been wrapping presents wrong my whole life.”

However, not everyone was surprised by the video, with one sassy user commenting: “Never saw a video of this just been doing it forever y’all need some IQ tests.”


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