Gemma Collins' changing face after 3 stone weight loss and £8.3k worth of treatments

Gemma Collins' changing face after 3 stone weight loss and £8.3k worth of treatments

October 26, 2020

IT'S been almost a decade since Gemma Collins first hit our screens in Towie, but the reality star has barely aged a day.

The GC, who turns 40 in January, has been wowing fans with her new look since revealing her three stone weight loss, and her face is changing too.

On Friday, Gemma hit back at fans who accused her of using Instagram filters to achieve her flawless new look, saying: "Yes my face has changed a bit but for the better.

"I've lost weight. I'm feeling good, I've got time to look after myself. I've had lots of treatments at the London Aesthetics company. And I feel brand new."

She added: "I just wanted to show you that this is me, this is how I look. There's been a few comments recently about filters but I have been having amazing face treatments done."

Gemma has been open about her facial transformation on Instagram, revealing £8,366 worth of treatments in less than two years. From fillers to fat dissolving treatments, here's what she's had done…

Post weight loss wonders

Gemma has had a variety of treatments to ensure her chiselled face matches her slimmed down body.

Most recently, on Friday, the GC filmed herself having a £350 'fat dissolving' injection with the London Aesthetics company, which left her feeling "brand new".

She's had many of her recent tweakments with the same beauty business, including "jaw contouring" – which costs £299 at similar London clinics.

The 'no needle' treatment was done using a small machine, which tightens the skin to "treat sagging dull skin and wrinkles".

Gemma said she felt "just a little pinch but it's worth it" when she debuted the results earlier this month. But although many loved her look, some warned her not to go too far.

"Your looking more gorgeous every day Gemma but please don't join the clones brigade! You don't need to," one fan commented.


'Make me look 10 years younger'

With her milestone birthday now just around the corner, Gemma is undergoing a "bespoke anti-ageing" regimen ensure she's looking youthful at her big bash.

She is a fan of £150 hydrotherapy facials, which "hydrate skin immediately and make it appear smoother and plumper".

The 60-minute treatment, which Gemma posted about in August, is supposed to stimulate collagen growth and pack the skin full of vitamins.

As part of her "GC package", Gemma has also been getting Profilo injections, which use hyaluronic acid to help the skin retain water.

The jabs cost £350 and last for six months, so Gemma's had two lots over the past year.

Gemma's new regime includes sessions of High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), also known as ulatherapy or a 3D facial, which costs upwards of £750 per session at other clinics.

The GC is known to be a fan of La Mer's £250 anti wrinkle cream and also used golden eye masks to prepare for shows during her Dancing on Ice days.

The stick-on face masks, which are meant to rid people of under eye bags, cost anywhere from £12 to £70, depending on the retailer.

In February last year, Gemma, then 38, had another unique facial – which she hoped would make her look "10 years younger".

The £195 facial peel, which was jet black, was done at Cheshire's We Are Skulpt clinic.

It's supposed to tackle a number of skin complaints – including enlarged pores, pigmentation and age spots – and Gemma said: "I looked a million dollars after".

TOTAL COST: £2,807

Facial fillers

Gemma was first introduced to fat-melting at Dawn Ward's salon Skulpt, where she had £3,000 worth of treatment in February last year – including a filler overhaul.

The salon posted about Gemma's treatments, writing: “Here’s a behind the scenes for you all from when @gemmacollins1 had her injectable treatments – filler injected into her lips, tear troughs, cheeks, jawline and chin and doesn’t she just look phenomenal?!”

She had a tear trough filler top up four months later, candidly showing off her under eye bruising but assuring fans "it's all worth it".

She added: "Bruising gone and would totally recommend undereye filler I will never look tired."

Under eye fillers cost around £320 in similar clinics.

TOTAL COST: £3,320

Pout preening

In January, Gemma enhanced her pout further by getting her lipstick tattooed on – in a treatment which can last up to three years.

The Gloss and Go procedure costs £795 at Tracie Giles permanent cosmetics clinic, London, and is loved by stars including Vogue Williams and Towie's Lydia Bright.

The treatment works by inserting colour pigment into lips and lining them to make them look fuller – meaning you don't have to wear make-up over the top.

Gemma showed off her impressive pink glossy lips on Instagram. She also got her eyebrows done at the clinic, where microblading costs a further £795.

Tracie is a global leader in semi-permanent cosmetics.

"The Gloss & Go lip blush treatment is the perfect way to restore shape and fullness lost with age and transform thin or uneven lips," her website promises.

"A tint is selected from a huge range of our fabulous Gloss & Go lip shades, and this can be as subtle or dramatic as you desire –  either blending subtly with your natural lip colour or matching your favourite cosmetic lip colour."

TOTAL COST: £1,590

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