From Rhian Sugden's romp to Lauren Goodger's belfies – Fab Daily celebs reveal their plans for Covid Christmas Day

From Rhian Sugden's romp to Lauren Goodger's belfies – Fab Daily celebs reveal their plans for Covid Christmas Day

December 23, 2020

Our fave Fab Daily celebs reveal their plans for this very strange Christmas Day.

Model Rhian Sugden, Love Islander Belle Hassan, TV presenter Lizzie Cundy, former model Linda Lusardi, reality TV stars Luisa Zissman and Lauren Goodger, and pregnant Corrie actress Victoria Ekanoye reveal how they'll be saying three (or even four) Tiers for Christmas Day.

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Rhian Sugden: 'It’s first one on my own with hubby. We may have sex…if he’s lucky!'

MODEL Rhian Sugden, 34, is spending her Christmas at home in Manchester with actor hubby Oliver Mellor, 39, and cavapoochon pup Roger. Rhian says:

"This will be our first Christmas on our own –  and the first with Roger, who is our baby at the moment. We have just finished our third round of IVF and it failed, so it will be nice to just be with each other and not have to make small talk with everyone.

We hadn’t even had our tree up until yesterday, as we were supposed to be going to Windsor to see my husband’s family but they are in Tier 4.

We did a last-minute Marks & Spencer food shop, grabbing anything we could get our hands on. We will have salmon and cream cheese for breakfast and drink lots of Buck’s Fizz before going on a two or three-hour walk.

Then we will come back for our Christmas dinner, lots of snuggles, Netflix and chill with mulled wine by the Christmas tree.

It will be nice to spend some quality time together at Christmas, as it’s not often couples get to do that.

Oliver might even get lucky, if I can lure him away from the new PS5 we’ve just ordered. Either way, I am looking forward to our first Christmas alone together."

Belle Hassan: 'Home alone, but tipsy on FaceTime'

LOVE Islander Belle Hassan, 22, will be spending Christmas alone this year after moving into a new home in Dartford, South London. She says:

"Normally I spend Christmas Day with my parents. My dad will cook a barbecue for breakfast, we eat all day and I would probably put on four stone. But this year it’s just me and my dogs, Lacey and Werf, at my new place.

I thought it would be best for me to do it alone this year with everything going on. I don’t like leaving my house at the best of times during this pandemic, and would hate for things to get worse.

I’m normally such a needy person, or I’ve always got a boyfriend, so this experience will be character building. And it might sound strange, but I’m looking forward to my first Christmas alone.

I feel like I am turning into an adult and it feels good that I am getting my independence. I just bought my new place a couple of months ago, and now doing this feels like a real step forward in life. I am proud of myself.

I’ve stocked up on loads of bits from M&S to make a roast. I’ll have a drink with my parents over FaceTime and we’ll open presents. It’s not really Christmas if you don’t get p***ed – on your own or with family!

It’s a sad situation, but it’s something that lots of people are going through. Millions of us are in the same boat.

It won’t be the best Christmas ever but what can you do?"

Lizzie Cundy: 'Stripping naked and later, zooming mum'

TV presenter Lizzie Cundy, 52, will be spending Christmas with sons Josh, 25, and James, 19, at her home in Surrey, but will miss beloved mum Gloria, 84. She says:

"Christmas seems to be cancelled – well, not in my house! It’s been a rubbish year, so I thought I’d strip off and share a photo on my Instagram to bring everyone some festive cheer.

We can’t lose our sense of humour throughout all of this – and no one likes laughing at themselves more than me.

I was gutted about the latest restrictions, because I was half-thinking I’d join Simon Cowell out in Barbados for New Year like I usually do.

But my ex-husband Jason had very kindly invited me to join him for Christmas Day at his house – it would have been the first time we’d had Christmas together as a family in ten years.

Sadly, he’s in a different tier from me. So my boys will be spending the day with me. We’ll do the presents after lunch and watch the Queen’s speech.

I’ll speak to mum on video. I really miss her. We talk every day, but she lives in Norfolk so we’re too far apart to be together, which is heartbreaking. I get a little teary when I think about how I can’t give her a hug and a kiss or just sit together with a cup of tea. Zoom is great and we chat every day on the phone, but it’s not the same.

But like she tells me, this won’t last forever. We’ve got to stay positive."

Linda Lusardi: 'At home for the first time in 32 years'

MODEL-turned-telly presenter Linda Lusardi, 62, will be spending Christmas at home in London with her husband Sam Kane, 52, her mum Lila, 88, and two children Lucy, 24, and Jack, 21, who both act. The Page 3 legend says:

"It is a special Christmas for us this year as, after 32 years, we are not going to be in the middle of panto. We would usually have to find a hotel somewhere after our last show on Christmas Eve at 1am before going on to do Boxing Day shows.

If Lucy is in panto in one city and Jack is in another working, we always have to find a hotel somewhere in the middle or we all race home on Christmas Eve and get in at 1am.

So this time, because of the quarantine, there will be no rushing around and we can actually embrace the festive time together.

It will be fantastic because it means we have got no interference from anyone else and I get my kids to myself in my own home.

I get to cook the dinner at a peaceful rate rather than having to buy a ready-made one.

I am slowly weaning myself back on the wine in preparation for Christmas Day! I couldn’t for a while because it made me so ill after having Covid.

Sam and I both had it and were hospitalised. I’m just thankful that we are both here and part of our family and not six feet under. Hopefully, getting the vaccination in 2021 should give us all some freedom back."

Luisa Zissman: 'Three Ps: Presents, a puppy and ponies'

REALITY TV star Luisa Zissman, 33, will spend Christmas with her millionaire businessman husband Andrew Collins, 50, their two daughters Indigo, four, and Clemmie, three, and her daughter Dixie, 10, from a previous relationship. Plus her parents Christina and Zo Kalozois, both 60, who also live at her home in Hertfordshire. She says:

"I am really lucky that my parents live with me.

We always wake up at the crack of dawn, and the kids will open all their presents from Santa.

They are getting a puppy so will be really excited.

Then we will go and muck out the horses and go on a little Christmas ride around the village as all the girls have their own pony. Then we will come back home, and I will cook the Christmas ­dinner, which will be turkey, and we will toast my grandmother, who passed away in 2018, with some sherry as that was her favourite drink on Christmas Day.

Then it will be time for some board games.

We will have some more sherry, mulled wine, prosecco and a Baileys hot chocolate.

My husband and I have spent more time together this year than we ever have done before because he usually travels a lot for work.

So it will be really nice to end the year like this.

I really like being in with the family and having nothing to do, so I will be embracing it.

Lauren Goodger: 'Bubbled up with BF and taking belfies'

REALITY star Lauren Goodger plans to update her Only Fans profile with some saucy snaps taken by builder boyfriend Charles Drury, 23, as they spend Christmas together in Essex. Lauren, 34, says:

I was meant to be going out to a restaurant called Melin in Chigwell on Christmas Day. I’d booked a table for family and friends. Then we got hit with Tier 4, so we’re going to keep it small. On Christmas Eve, I was hoping to see my mum and sisters but we can’t because of the restrictions. It’s really sad.

We still don’t know if we’ll be able to see Charlie’s family. I’m going to get him to take some new pictures of me for my Only Fans page so I can post something really sexy over Christmas while everyone’s indoors.

Everyone is so lovely on there. People tell me I look unreal and that they love my bum.

I feel like I’ve lost a bit of weight, but I’ve got a weird body. It changes from one week to the next. I’ll probably put on weight over Christmas – everybody does. Then I’ll be on a new diet in January.

It was reported recently I’d lost weight thanks to our sex life, but that was blown out of proportion.

Yes, I’ve got a boyfriend and we do have lots of sex, I’m not going to deny that. I’m very happy.

We’ve had our moments where I could kill him.

But that’s normal. We’re very much in love.

Victoria Ekanoye: 'First sober Xmas, I’m heavily pregnant'

PREGNANT Corrie actress Victoria Ekanoye will be spending Christmas with her partner Jonny Lomas, 32, her sister Natasha, 26, her sister’s partner Josh Howarth, 27, and her mum Candy, 52. Victoria, 32, says:

I am eight months pregnant, so what I am doing for Christmas is being kicked, elbowed and kneed by this little bundle of joy.

We are really excited. It’s less than a month now until the little one is here, and that is our main focus.

Christmas is important to us, though, and we are embracing that we can still all be together. It’s tradition for me, my mum, and my sister to have breakfast and open our stockings so this year I will be hosting that, along with our partners.

We will have a big fry-up, and then it is chill time until Christmas dinner.

Everyone has to wear a hat –  the sillier the better.

And because it is different for me this year, I am just going to watch everyone get drunk on Baileys while I have sparkling water.

We will also be doing a FaceTime quiz with more than 30 family and friends.

And I will be the sober quiz master. It’s going to be a really different Christmas, but having a baby is just going to be a ray of sunshine with everything else that is going on.

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