From cheese to chocolate – the surprising 6 foods that can actually boost your dental health

From cheese to chocolate – the surprising 6 foods that can actually boost your dental health

May 21, 2021

THE FOOD we eat can often have an impact on our oral hygiene with treats such as sugar and booze often being on the "no go" list.

One expert has however stated that there are some foods that could actually be beneficial when it comes to our pearly whites.

Dr Khaled Kasem, Chief Orthodontist at Impress Orthodontics has busted some common myths when it comes to what foods arm harmful to our teeth.

He said: "The secret to good dental health can actually be found in your fridge, and among some very surprising foods.

"Many are often touted as being harmful to our teeth, but in fact, their benefits for enviable oral and dental health may be far greater"

Here are six surprising foods that could actually boost your dental health and help you keep your smile gleaming.

1. Chocolate

Chocolate may be one of our greatest temptations but it is also pretty sweet at helping to fight cavities due to its grain containing powerful anti-bacterial agents.

But Dr Kasem said dark chocolate is best and added that this doesn’t mean you should be indulging in chocolate, as you only need a small amount to benefit.

2. Cheese

Dr Kasem said that dairy and cheese in particular is a rich source of both calcium and Vitamin D which help strengthen teeth.

He explained: "The lactic acid in cheese can help to lift stains from tooth enamel as well, which makes it an apt food choice for all those smiley 'Say Cheese' photo moments!"

3. Apples

Not only are apples a great snack but they can also help remove dental plaque.

Dr Kasem explains: "Being a hard and crunchy fruit, requires more ‘chew’ which naturally increases saliva production, which as a result, serves as a protector of our teeth and helps to naturally remove dental plaque."

4. Celery

Most of us enjoy a stick of celery with our favourite dip, but Dr Kasem says it's one of the dental industry’s most recommended vegetables due to its natural anti-bacterial properties.

He added: "Whether consumed in juices, soups or creams, the malic acid contained within celery also promotes saliva production to clean your teeth naturally."

5. Strawberries

Strawberries are a versatile berry and can be used in smoothies, juice or even as a snack on their own.

As well as being delicious, Dr Kasem said they contain a high amount of xylitol, which is responsible for attacking the bacteria that causes dental plaque.

6. Blueberries

Dubbed a super food, blueberries are high in nutritional value and low in sugar content.

Dr Kasem said: "Although well-known for its antioxidant properties, the blueberry is one of our greatest allies in preventing gum diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis."

Dr Kasem's comments come after one study revealed that a shocking 23 per cent of Brits say they only brush their teeth once a day.

The study from also found that 8.5 million people (13 per cent) don’t even brush their teeth at least once per day, favouring a few times per week.

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