Forever 21’s ‘Fake News’ shorts spark Twitter debate

Forever 21’s ‘Fake News’ shorts spark Twitter debate

July 24, 2019

Forever 21’s “Fake News” bike shorts have sparked mixed reviews on Twitter – with many praising and criticizing the brand’s move.

The graphic shorts play on the controversial catchphrase, which gained steam over the last handful of years.

Though the phrase has been attributed as originating in different places, the “Fake News” cry gained popularity during the 2016 election and has held strong since – not just with politicians, but on social media, as well.

“The reason I don’t like the phrase now is it’s used as a term to describe everything,” said Clare Wardle of First Draft News, a fact-checking non-profit, in a 2018 BBC article about “Fake News.” “Whether it’s a sponsored post, an ad, a visual meme, a bot on Twitter, a rumor – people just use it against any information they don’t like.”

Despite where the term came from, it is used ubiquitously in America and has obviously gained immense popularity as the shorts have been sold out on the Forever 21 website.

However, this popularity has not stopped backlash about the implications of the phrase.

Forever 21 did not respond to Fox News’ request for comment.

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