Fabulous' Caravan Queens tell This Morning we fake posh accents to book restaurants because we’re travellers

Fabulous' Caravan Queens tell This Morning we fake posh accents to book restaurants because we’re travellers

April 16, 2021

THE Caravan Queens have revealed that they have to put on fake accents to book tables in restaurants in fear of being turned away because of their traveller roots.

Sisters and Fabulous columnists Lizzy and Caitlin Mac appeared on This Morning where they discussed the traveller lifestyle with hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary.

They are fronting Caravan Queens, an exclusive, brand-new YouTube series with Fabulous – revealing what life is really like in the travelling community and they admitted struggling to book tables in restaurants.

Lizzy explains: "If we book a restaurant, when we get there they’ll tell us they’re fully booked – that’s a kinder version of saying you’re not coming in when it’s clearly empty."

"We’ve also had people saying ‘get out you pikey’ we’re not serving you," Caitlin adds.

Lizzy continues: "That’s just from looking at us and from hearing our voice

"We’ve had to master doing a different accent so that they don’t realise."

The sisters who live with their mum and four siblings on a caravan site, in St Albans, Herts, want to address the misconceptions about the traveller lifestyle – using video-sharing platform TikTok to crush the stereotypes.

Since they began their TikTok in 2019, the sisters have racked up over 435k followers, with fans fascinated by this glimpse into a world traditionally shrouded in secrecy. 

Speaking on this morning, Lizzy adds: "Don’t tar everyone with the same brush, we’re all individual people, if you’ve had a bad experience with one person don’t think that we’re all the same because we’re not.

"In every community, race, ethnicity, we’re all individuals, you wouldn’t do that to a different ethnicity group so it shouldn’t be OK to do that with travellers."

Caitlin and Lizzy are now fronting Caravan Queens, an exclusive, brand-new YouTube series with Fabulous – revealing what life is really like in the travelling community.

"We’ve loved doing it, we get to fully explain everything," Lizzy tells Dermot.

"The Fabulous team are amazing and we love working with them."

In the six-part special the sisters will be giving a no-holds barred insight to different aspects of their lives, from a tour of their home to a discussing traveller relationships and the strict rules they have to follow.

“There are so many bad stereotypes of us, and it hurts us – it makes it really difficult to just live normal lives,”  Lizzy tells Fabulous.

“We want Fabulous viewers to learn more about the real us.

"People think that all travellers live on private land or set up camp on a farmer's field, and leave rubbish everywhere. But we don’t,” says Lizzy.

“We both lived in a house first, and now we live on a site, which has been made by the council. We’re not going around causing trouble.

“We are all individuals and should be judged only by our own actions, not by the behaviour of a small minority of individuals from our community."

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