Everyone's saying the same thing over William's sweet gesture to Princess Kate | The Sun

Everyone's saying the same thing over William's sweet gesture to Princess Kate | The Sun

December 5, 2022

THIS is the tender moment Wills shows a rare public display of affection with Princess Kate. 

The couple had been guests of honour at the Earthshot awards in Boston at the MGM music hall when the sweet gesture was caught on camera – with Royal fans delighted at the touching display.

The Prince and Princess of Wales are normally reserved when it comes to physical contact while at events – making Wills' move all the more sweet.

In the 12-second video, Prince William, 40, can be seen putting his hand on his wife's back as she sits down by his side at the prestigious event.

He is then seen turning to her to share a private word with Kate, who is stunning in the Dabina Maxi dress from Solace.

And the video has captured Royal fans – who were left swooning over the sweet moment.

One fan commented: "The difference between Wales and Sussex PDA is a different class.

"The grace in which it happens… the time and place they choose to express their partnership and respect one another. 

Another added: "Well she is drop-dead gorgeous, good for him, showing some love, it's nice to see rather than stiff upper lip.. Don't touch each other approach, they are just ordinary people after all."

And a third fan said: "It's cute seeing PDA for a change, I guess maybe they are more relaxed in America, in the UK they have to be more guarded and formal in these types of events."

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While another wrote: " I think it's beautiful what he did reassuring her, giving her affection. I love to see this kindness" 

Kate and Wills had been on a whirlwind US tour last week to raise awareness for their environmental campaign.

At the star-studded event, they were joined by celebrities Annie Lennox, Billie Eilish, Ellie Goulding, and Rami Malek as he announced the 5 winners of his award from The Prince Of Wales Earth Shot fund.

Their tour coincided with the release of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first trailer for their upcoming Netflix documentary – which will be released in just days.

And royal experts claimed the promo's release was "deliberately" timed to spoil the Prince and Princess of Wales' trip.

Kate and Wills are now back home in the UK – with reports Buckingham Palace is bracing for the release of the Netflix doc.

A new trailer today suggested the couple would take aim at the royal "hierarchy" with Meghan saying "they're never going to protect you".

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