Easy ways to keep you & your home cool in the heatwave – including clever hot water bottle tip & freezing your PJs

Easy ways to keep you & your home cool in the heatwave – including clever hot water bottle tip & freezing your PJs

June 14, 2021

WE long for the warmer weather so we can lounge in the garden and soak up the sun, but trying to sleep in these conditions can become unbearable.

But there are some clever ways you can instantly cool down before to kip – and keep your home breezy – and it means you'll be able to doze off with ease.

The experts at experts at OVO Energy have pulled together the best tips and tricks on how to keep cool this summer – and you'll certainly be thankful for them.

Use a hot (cold) water bottle

You may rely on it to ease pain and keep you warm during the cooler months, but a little-known hack makes it perfect for summer too.

Just before bed, pour water into your hot water bottle and pop it in the freezer to get it cold.

And in the same way hot water keeps you warm, the freezing temperature will instantly cool you down.

You can pop it in your bed before you get in, or place it under your feet, and it will help regulate your temperature as you drift off. 

Cool PJs only

While we certainly recommend a stylish pair of PJs, this hack refers to the actual temperature.

It might sound odd, but before you start your bedtime routine pop those summer PJs in the freezer, and get them out when you're ready for bed

They should remain cool just long enough for you to doze off with ease – but be careful not to overdo it as you might end up with hardened sleepwear.

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Close it up

When your house heats up during the day it's tempting to open the windows for some air.

But this often means hot air can enter your home, making it even hotter.

Leave your windows closed during the day and keep your curtains drawn to block out the sun – but once nighttime hits, it might be wise to open them again to help air out your home.

Bowled over

It may look odd, but leaving bowls of water around the house can help cool down hot air.

It's also ideal for any pets you might have so they can stay hydrated.

Trees and plants work in the same way and act as natural air-conditioners – so perhaps consider decorating your home with some greenery.

Let there be light

You might not give much thought to the lightbulbs you use, but conventional incandescent light bulbs give off up to 90% of their energy as waste heat.

Try switching to low-energy light bulbs to reduce overheating – it will also save you bucket loads on your electricity bills.

We're floored

If all else fails, try sleeping on the floor.

It might sound bonkers but heat rises, so the lower you are to the ground the cooler you will be.

You'd still want it to be comfy though so try the Japanese approach to bedding and sleep on a futon on the floor.

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