Divorce expert claims the success of your marriage is based on where you live – so where does your postcode rank? | The Sun

Divorce expert claims the success of your marriage is based on where you live – so where does your postcode rank? | The Sun

January 13, 2023

A DIVORCE expert has claimed that where you live might have an impact on your relationship with the significant other.

Couples can file for a divorce for a multitude of reasons. But now one guru has insisted that your postcode can play a part in how likely you are to call an end to your marriage, the Mirror reported.

So how long will you and your hubby last…?

James Brien, founder of Easy Online Divorce, claimed there has been an "unprecedented surge" in applications for divorce since the start of 2023.

After studying various couples, James concluded that blokes from the South East are three times more likely to get divorced than their North-Eastern counterparts.

However, if you reside by the coasts of Cornwall, fear not, as you're more likely to have a lasting marriage.


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The figures, covering divorces in the UK in 2021, revealed that leading the way with the highest rate of divorce is the South East with 1 in 67 men and 1 in 72 women ending their marriage.

This, James added, this pales in comparison to the North East, an area of the country with the lowest rate of divorce – in 2021, just 1 in 194 men and 1 in 211 women called it quits.

The number is significantly lower than the national average currently at 1 in 84 for men and 1 in 89 for women, meaning places like Newcastle, Middlesbrough, and Sunderland may be the best place to tie the knot, James chuckled.

In terms of counties, the expert noted that quiet rural areas, such as like Somerset and Rutland, are the worst for divorce – according to James, those living here are a whopping three times more likely to get divorced than the national average.

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The chances of you calling it quits are also twice as likely if you live in areas Wiltshire, Lincolnshire or North Yorkshire, the study found.

James' research suggested the best place for a lasting marriage is in Cornwall – here Romeos and their significant others are four times less likely to get divorced.

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If seaside living isn't the one for you, areas like Nottinghamshire and the West Midlands are also a good option for those looking for love, as people here are three times less likely to call it a day.

Other areas to avoid if you want your marriage to last include South Holland and West Lindsey – where both men and women are five times more likely to get a divorce.

Other notable mentions, James added, are South Derbyshire, Lincoln and Leicester – these areas see couples 3-4 times more likely to end their marriage.

When it comes to the capital, London, the trendy Hackney and Havering are the worst places to tie the knot, with your chances of divorce double that of the average person.

James commented: "While this research doesn't mean you're guaranteed to get a divorce just because you live in the South East, it is interesting to see how things vary region by region.

"Divorce Day sees family lawyers inundated with requests and enquiries about divorce as the stresses of the holidays hit, and cause tension between couples.

"Although divorce can happen for a number of reasons, the stresses caused by Christmas can be particularly challenging for couples, with the added financial pressure, hosting of families, and sourcing those hard-to-find gifts able to push any couple over the edge."

So where do you live? Let us know in the comments.

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