Diesel Celebrates Love After Confinement With Spring Ad Campaign

Diesel Celebrates Love After Confinement With Spring Ad Campaign

February 14, 2021

LOVE IS LOVE: How many couples were forced to stay apart due to confinement and multiple lockdowns over the past year?

Diesel, which has become synonymous with provocative advertisements often reflecting on social topics, is unveiling its spring 2021 ad campaign, the first overseen by new creative director Glenn Martens, shining a light on the harsh reality of relationships impacted by the COVID-19 related restrictions.

Documentary director and photographer Cheryl Dunn lensed eight couples — clad in outfits from the spring 2021 Diesel collection, which were not designed by Martens — the first time they were finally able to get together after weeks or months of isolation. They are seen cuddling and talking about their experiences in a video that looks authentic and somewhat moving.

“Longing, I think is felt through the stomach,” says one man explaining his feelings for being separated from his loved one. Another couple stayed apart and decided to not be in touch for 90 days, probably not to suffer from the deprivation of being physically together, until on the 86th day one of the two called the other.

The campaign is intended to candidly spotlight the human connection we’ve all been yearning for and it is also a commentary on the universal value of love which transcends race, gender and sexual orientation. To be sure, the New York-based lovers represent a wide-ranging sample of people with different backgrounds, including LGBTQ couples and interracial ones.

“Diesel for me has always stood as a radical player with its blunt honesty and its sense of fun. Its unique voice has made it an undeniable icon in culture,” commented Martens. “I want to celebrate Diesel’s founding values and restart by building bridges through a message of hope, optimism and inclusiveness. We really are working for a better future,” he added.

Not surprisingly the campaign, called “When Together,” breaks internationally today, Valentine’s Day, and will be flanked by a digital activation on Diesel’s own social media channels where the Italian brand will post snippets from the campaign movie and behind-the-scenes content.

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