Dad left fuming as he's slammed by a troll for kissing his FIVE-year-old son on the lips but insists he won't stop | The Sun

Dad left fuming as he's slammed by a troll for kissing his FIVE-year-old son on the lips but insists he won't stop | The Sun

June 28, 2023

A DAD has been left fuming after he was slammed by a troll for kissing his five-year-old son on the lips in a video online.

Tom was responding to someone commenting on how blue his eyes were, as he insisted he hasn't "even got the nicest eyes in my own house".

He then grabbed his son Roman and bought him into the shot to show off his own piercing blue eyes.

"It's just not fair!" Tom said, before asking his son, "Give us a kiss".

The little boy happily obliged, before Tom concluded: "So yeah it's not a filter, just good genes I guess."

After sharing the video on TikTok, the comments section was full of people commenting on the pair's gorgeous blue eyes.

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But it was the kiss on the lips that antagonised some, with one person writing: "Just gorgeous both but don’t kiss him on the lips."

"I will continue to kiss my son on the lips. thank you," Tom replied in the comments.

And he further responded in another video, as he sighed: "Where to start with this one?

"I put up a video of me and my little boy and I kissed him on the lips.

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"He's five-years-old, and that is what she picks up on, that is what she finds worrying?

"I find it worrying that it bothers you, right. I will kiss my son, my five-year-old child, on the lips for as long as I deem necessary, and as long as he lets me.

"Because I love him to bits, and he's my best pal.

"And one day, he won't want me to, and he probably won't want much to do with me.

"So for now, I'll carry on as I am."

His response wasn't enough to placate everyone, however, with one person commenting: "Shouldn't kiss him BECAUSE of the bacteria in your mouth.

"Did you know you can make your child more susceptible to cavities if you have them & kiss them?"

"Woowwwwww," Tom said in another video responding to that remark.

"So if I kiss my five-year-old son on the lips, he will get cavities?

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"He'll get cavities from his Daddy kissing him?"

"What do you think, Roman?" he asked his son, with the little boy laughing "Don't be silly!" before giving his dad a big kiss on the lips.

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