Dad gets son, 14, to build his sister a playhouse to get him off the Playstation –& it’s so good he’s offered jobs in Oz

Dad gets son, 14, to build his sister a playhouse to get him off the Playstation –& it’s so good he’s offered jobs in Oz

June 8, 2020

A FATHER has proudly shared his son’s DIY achievements after the teenager created an incredible Wendy house for his little sister during the coronavirus lockdown. 

Mark Williams, 48, from Wrexham, wrote on Facebook how Bradley, 14, had built the gift for Ellie Mai, seven, in just one week, costing £200 – on a post that had more than 27,000 likes.

He revealed how Bradley, who is starting a construction college course in September – had transformed the family’s garden summerhouse, and has now been offered jobs in Australia and Florida.

Sharing his son’s incredible lockdown achievements, Mark wrote: “Project complete- not for me but for my 14 yr old lad – Bradley. Killed two birds with one stone. 

“Ellie Mai, my little girl, wanted a playhouse with an upstairs in it. Brad is unbelievably keen on DIY, always wants to help and get involved and starting a little construction college course in September.

"So decided to give Brad a project, to design and build his little sister her playhouse in a summer house we have been using as a junk room, keeping his brain thinking and off that PlayStation!

“He started earlier in the week, worked all day every day, helped him where he needed it but did all mostly himself.

“Tonight we have one happy little girl and a lad who’s so proud of himself.” 

The factory manager said Bradley was the one who came up with the idea of transforming their old summerhouse into a two-storey Wendy house. So he challenged him to give it a go.

Mark said Bradley did everything himself – including the planning, cutting, drilling, screwing, painting and decorating. 

He said: “Bradley’s little sister Ellie Mai was asking for a long time for Wendy house with upstairs in. 

“I said no as we didn”t want another shed in the garden but then Brad came up with the idea of converting the wasted summerhouse we already had. 

“He did everything himself from planning it, cutting all timbers with all tools, cutting ply, drilling and screwing,  building stairs, painting it all, laying the artificial grass and then decorating it all with little things like false CCTV, lanterns and plants.”

Mark had lots of timber leftover from his job so Bradley used the offcuts – meaning the entire project cost just £200. 

The family purchased the decorative items from Home Bargains – but left Bradley to complete the project. 

Mark said: “I helped him when he was stuck or wasn”t sure on something or just needed a  lift until I sliced my finger and  was useless after that. 

“I put his proud project on Facebook for people to see and we could not believe the response. It now has over 27,000 likes and thousands of beautiful unbelievable comments. 

“He was even offered jobs in Florida and Australia – we couldn”t believe it!”

This gave Bradley a huge confidence boost and encouraged him to continue with his lockdown DIY projects.

Mark said the children had been asking for a garden bar after seeing lots of incredible ideas on Facebook. 

Bradley then used his DIY skills to create a lockdown bar in the garden – just in time for his dad’s birthday. 

Mark said: “I gave in, in the end, as Bradley came up with the whole plan in his head and wanted to do it for my birthday to have a little party.

“The bar is now all complete and it is just brilliant. We have been there every single night. Again, it cost approximately £250 – as we used a lot of the timber I had from work.”

Mark said Bradley required a bit more of a helping hand on the bar project – especially on the roof. 

However, the teenager took his time and got there in the end. He has also made a show rack out of timber and helped his dad paint the garden fence. 

Mark, who also coaches Bradley and his football team Conwy borough tigers, said he was thrilled the lockdown project has challenged his teenage son. 

He said: “He is so chuffed with himself as we are, especially as he is starting a new college construction course in September so he has got more confidence going into it which was the main reason I really wanted to push and challenge him.

“We have been overwhelmed with people’s amazing comments from all over the world. It has been truly amazing.” 

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