Cruel trolls accuse me of having a ‘front butt’ – but I’m proud to show it off and even make money from it

Cruel trolls accuse me of having a ‘front butt’ – but I’m proud to show it off and even make money from it

August 9, 2021

A WOMAN found herself going viral on TikTok after poking fun at her 'front butt' and hitting back at trolls who make cruel comments on her body.

TikTok user, Jennifer Rose, went viral earlier this year after uploading a video poking fun at her 'front butt'.

The video asks Jennifer whether she wants to have two butts or $1000,000.

Jennifer select the money but then points to her 'front bottom' in disbelief, it has been viewed over 70 million times.

However, since uploading the video, Jennifer has unfortunatley become a target for trolls to make cruel comments about her body.

In a later video, Jennifer, a stay-at-home mum, revealed some of the common questions she is always asked about her body.

'Is you butt on backwards?' and 'which one do you poop out of?' Jennifer deflects the comment with 'no I have two of them' and 'both'.

Some users have even asked; "Can you please get it removed?" Jennifer says no, she likes her extra butt.

Jennifer says she does not care what other people think about her 'front butt' or her body.

In another video uploaded to TikTok she addressed the trolls leaving cruel comments and messages for her.

"People picking on me because I got a front butt.

"But their views make me money on the creator fund.

"So I'ma keep posting whether you like it or not."

Fortunatley, most people only left positive comments under the video.

One user responded: "I love it so continue you're so funny and don't listen to what others say."

Another commented: "I just love you, I only dream as being as confident in myself as you are. I've seen comments on your other videos and I really hope you don't let them get you down."

A third replied: "You do you and that makes you amazing.

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