Cheeky bloke gets rinsed after using a ‘dead grandad’ line to slide into woman’s DMs – The Sun

Cheeky bloke gets rinsed after using a ‘dead grandad’ line to slide into woman’s DMs – The Sun

November 6, 2019

A CHEEKY lad used an unconventional opening line to chat up a stranger – by bringing up his dead grandparent as a means of breaking the ice.

Rachel Brogan, 23, a clerical officer for the NHS who lives in Scotland, received the Facebook message straight out of the blue one evening.

In the message, the anonymous bloke wrote: “Hey did you hear about my granddad x”

Clearly baffled by the message Rachel simply replied “What?”

The random guy then pretended he’d sent the message to the wrong person – before proceeding to make what can only be described as a saucy pass.

He responded: “S*** sorry wrong person meant to txt a girl a went to school with but clicked on you by accident.

“Not thinking straight as my grandad passed away sorry x (sic).”

He then added: “You are lovely tho …You single?”

Rachel said she usually prefers to meet suitors through ‘apps, or in person normally!’ so was particularly taken aback by the message.

She didn’t give the wannabe suitor the dignity of a reply – to the delight of more than 30k-and-counting people who cheered her on after she shared the exchange on Twitter.

“Sympathy gimmick” was one user’s scathing opinion, while another chimed in “I suppose he needs a date to the funeral.”

“I think it was just a weird way to get my attention” Rachel said.

“I don’t think he meant to click someone else at all.”

Apparently this isn’t the first time this has happened  with Rachel claiming it she has been approached on several occasions.

She added: “Yeah, I get quite a few ones like that.”

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